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Monday, March 05, 2012

Blogging Your Faith - Story @ Home

Guess what.

That's what!

I've been asked to be a presenter at the Story @ Home Conference, which is this weekend in Salt Lake City. I'm co-presenting with Ken Craig, and the topic we've been assigned is Blogging Your Faith. I feel really lucky to be presenting with Ken. I've been a fan of him and his wife Katie for a long time, and recently got to meet Katie. We have quite a few friends in common, and luckily Ken and I think very similarly on the topic of Blogging One's Faith.

I'm eager to find out what we say.

Are you?

You can still register, and it's only $79 for the entire conference! Will I see you there?


Ken Craig said...

Yes! You will most definitely see me there! Can't wait!

Emily said...

I am so excited your presenting. I knew you'd be perfect. It was total inspiration. ;)

Alison Moore Smith said...

I'm listening to you right now. What a great speaker. Engaging and fun. :)

P.S. Thanks for helping me find the green room! :)