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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Little Abbie

This is my cousin Erica and her family.

You can go ahead and count -- 8 kids.

They live in Indiana, and have many acres of land with many animals on those acres.

Yesterday, Abbie, who is the youngest (and now three years old) walked across a day-old burn pile (brush they pile up to burn as they clear the acreage) which, unfortunately, still had hot spots. Her boots caught on fire and she was flown to Riley Hospital for Children, where she has been admitted with 2nd- and 3rd-degree burns (deep tissue burns) on her feet. She will need skin grafting, likely later this week.

Poor, sweet little girl. I can only imagine what she -- and her parents -- are going through. If you happen to be someone who is inclined to pray, or send well-wishes, Abbie Leschorn (and her family) could use some of your good energy right now. (I'll go ahead and thank you now for your support.)


Anonymous said...

Poor thing!!

Jen said...


Emily said...

Oh no. Poor, sweet, little thing! I will send lots of healing thoughts and prayers her way.

lisa said...

Prayers, of there anything else they need?

Naomi said...

Oh poor girl! Praying for a good recovery.

~j. said...

Thanks, everyone! Abbie's surgery earlier this week went well. Looks like she'll need another surgery next week.