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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

From my 10-year-old Daughter to You

The following is from my ten-year-old daughter, in her own words. She was very inspired by what she learned about the American Heart Association, and the benefits of this fundraiser (which only runs until the end of this week), and asked me to tell as many people as I can, including people who read my blog. I remember doing Jump Rope For Heart as a kid, and it warms my heart that she's excited about it.

Dear People Who Read My Mom's Blog,

I am helping Jump Rope for Heart. The way I am helping is by donating money for people with bad hearts. If you can, you could help donate and help me reach my goal. My goal is $1,000.00. My money has to be turned in before this Friday [March 16th]. You can donate online, it's super easy. Even $1 will help.

Thank you, if you can help.


Here's the link to her donation page. Thanks, in advance, for your consideration and donation.


Emily said...

Done! Love supporting a good cause!

Jennifer said...

What a big heart! Good luck reaching your goal, Emma!

BurntApple said...

Good luck on reaching your goal. Great post! I hope you will post again! Traci

Kazzy said...

Could she get any cuter? Emma, good luck reaching your goal!