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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

you gotta be hosin' me

So I took this quiz to find out which famous leader I am. Since the result was that I am Hitler, I decided to try (and to post) something else that I saw on another blog.

I went to the, and entered in my first name followed by the word "needs". I found the results amusing. Here are ten hits (these are the direct quotes; well, except for the actual name part):

~j. needs a job so she can buy one of these.

~j. needs to find herself a baller.

~j. needs to do some more kegels to keep it in.

~j. needs to see herself as a good reader.

~j. needs to experience and expect success with her literacy.

~j. needs an adoptive family who understands the developmental issues related to Fragile X Syndrome and who are ready to support ~j. in reaching her full potential.

~j. needs a G-String (For Her Old Guitar)

~j. needs to learn how to control her legs and arms and we have special exercises for that.

~j. needs a patient, loving, kind home (please note that she cannot be left unattended with other pets but does well when supervised).

~j. needs our prayers right now.


Nettie said...

Hey, thanks for the link! It's so fun to see the crazy things this meme comes up with!

(We are expecting our 5th, and have thought of "Quinn", also!)

Carina said...

Cannot be left unattended with other pets: SO TRUE.

I was Saddam Hussein by the way...

Anonymous said...

I was Abe Lincoln. Do you think we can still be friends?
How many questions did you put in?9, 18, etc...

kiki said...

I am also Saddam! I'm glad we got Abe Lincoln here. He fits right in with the other dictators!

La Yen said...

I am Bill Clinton. Yummy.

And I also need to do kegels. Double yummy.

~j. said...

I put in 9 questions. Hitler doesn't have time for lengthy internet quizzes, I'm sure.

QueenScarlett said...

Kegels make hubbies happy. Plus - they're fun to do...because no one knows you're doing them - it's like a sexy little secret.

And... consider me Saddam too... go figure.

dalene said...

Well ~j, you shouldn't worry about being Hitler because I just proved this test to be wholly and entirely inaccurate.

I am, apparently, Mother Theresa.

No, I most certainly am not. Therefore, neither could you possibly be Hitler.

In regards to your other fun suggestion for me to avoid doing yesterday's dishes: I have to say I’ve done this before and I find it rather amusing. Because I am a woman of few needs (either that or I have an unusual name…).

Dalene needs to sit in the front so I can fix her hair. (Truer words were never spoken.)

Dalene needs friends.

That’s it. Am I easy or what?

The need for kegels is still cracking me up, however.

This is me said...

With 9 questions, I was Hitler and with 18 I was Ghandi.

Now I am just confused.

Carina said...

Using my real name instead of Az:

Az was originally part of the large consellation Argo Navis.

Az Charms, thousands of italian charms

Az, in architecture, was the name Ancient Romans gave for any building in the form of a shop

My name is (az) and I'm 23 years old Romanian escort for the discerning gentleman who seeks authentically gorgeous, sophisticated, intelligent...

La Yen said...

I will pay you to be my Romanian escort. The former president likes the escorts.

~j. said...

18 questions: Ghandi.

~j. said...

27 = Bill Clinton.

~j. said...

45 = Clinton. Although I don't think it's fair that one of the assessments was: I have a lot of energy.

kiki said...

9 - Hitler
18 - Einstein
27 - Saddam
45 - Saddam

I'm a scary, SCARY woman!

Anonymous said...

Okay-- I just did this and I am--- ABE LINCOLN!! too funny

Emmie said...

Emmie needs a place to start over.

Emmie doesn't know if she likes him in the same way he likes her.

Emmie needs a home!

And, when I put in my full name, I got:

Emmelyn doesn't want sperm from an anonymous donor.

Anonymous said...

This is one of those times I wish I didn't know what Kegels were.

London Escorts said...
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~j. said...
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