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Monday, February 27, 2017

Theatre Nerds INDEED

Remember that time I told you about My Shot Working With Lemons?

Turns out, thought that video was great enough to include in their article Watch These Mind Blowing Musical Theatre Tribute Videos (where do they come up with this stuff?). And that's super cool.

Looking through the article (thanks, John, for posting it on my wall!) I was glad to see we're in good company-- Peter HollensEvynne Hollens, something called Vocal Point...  And THEN I saw who else was included and THAT'S FINE.

I'll take this as a win for being in the same article as Lin-Manuel Miranda and Audra McDonald and Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jane Krakowski and James Corden.

You'll get that (P)EGOT, LMM. You'll get it yet. #JustYouWait

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Emily said...

I love this for you. <3