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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Thing About #LightTheWorld

The #LightTheWorld campaign last holiday season was great. And while I'd intended to post about things my kids and/or I did and/or saw to represent what was highlighted each of those days in December, it just kind of trailed off, because: December.

One cool day for us was talking about Day 15, Jesus Worshipped Through Song and So Can You. Music is a very important part of my family's life. My son talked about enjoying singing in his school choir Christmas concert.

A daughter mentioned how touched she was to be the very first recipient of Peter Hollens' newest album A Hollens Family Christmas this year. He sent it as a gesture of friendship with Get Well wishes.

Another daughter was caught up in finding ways to serve others each day in different ways at school; this was quite common among their classmates.

But here's the thing about didn't end when the season ended.

The brilliance of the campaign is in the actionable possibilities. My entire adult life I've heard others lament the commercialism of the holiday season, expressing wishes for a miracle of actually feeling the spirit of service and love and peace during a time of year which is supposed to celebrate exactly those things.

And #LightTheWorld did that.

There were actions documented by videos widely shared and posts with hundreds of likes, and there were countless more efforts not recognized or lauded. A sister helping a brother with homework. A son making his mom's bed. College students reaching out to neighbors they might not otherwise. Spouses using softer voices and looking for ways to serve. Those who are lonely receiving visits and surprises from hands which will forever be unknown and appreciated more than words can express.

I know my home felt closer to how I wanted it to feel during the holidays, moreso than any in the last handful of years at least.

Then last weekend I was with a daughter at the store, and as I was loading my bagged goods into my cart, I noticed she was helping the lady in line behind us, who was in a motorized cart, load her goods onto the belt.

When we got into the car, my daughter laughed as she told me how the older woman bemoaned not being able to find the cookies she was looking for.

If the idea was to teach people-- kids and adults alike-- how to be more thoughtful, more service-oriented, how to contribute in ways that make the world a nicer place, well then, #LightTheWorld, well done.

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