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Friday, March 03, 2017

Tim Timmerman, Hope of America

A new film hits select theaters today, Tim Timmerman, Hope of America. I took a few of my kids to the premiere last night, it was a great event.

Three of my kids with Aaliyah Rose, who sings in the movie, and who went to middle school with another of my kids...and who you should maybe look for on The Voice

Last night wasn't the first time I had seen this movie; I went to a screening last week, too. This film has been on my mind for a while.

The story follows Tim Timmerman, high school senior in the fall of 1994 (hey! That's when I was a high school senior!), student body president (hey! I was student body president!), and all-around charming slacker (hey! I...). Tim has his sights set on winning the Hope of America Award as a way to achieve his Ivy League aspirations. His hijinks catch up with him, however, and, as I'm sure you can imagine, a measure of chaos ensues. Throw in a rival-turned-romantic interest, Pearl Jam, and a game called Assassin, and you've got a satisfying movie with some solid laughs and a bunch of feel-goods. 

Here's the thing: for being a Utah movie, I'm impressed. I both hesitate to mention, and am happy about, this being classified as a Utah movie. Many elements of it are universally enjoyable, like the '90s pop culture references; others I have to wonder about, like referring to Salt Lake Community College (SLCC, pronounced, 'slick,' locally) as having a reputation of being sub-par (no disrespect, SLCC, promise). Then again, maybe it translates, being a community college (no disrespect, community colleges, promise). I'd guess that joke gets a bigger laugh in Utah than elsewhere. 

My kids liked it. A lot. They like recognizing local places where film scenes take place. In fact, this morning, as soon as other kids got into my van for carpool, my kids began, "We saw this movie last night, it was so funny! It's called Tim Timmerman, and...." And one of my kids brought...what are these, pass-along cards?...with him to school today.

Overall, I like it. The cast and characters are strong (Andrew Caldwell's character got the most laughs from me), and the many story lines are wrapped up neatly. There are a few things I could have done without, like the creepy teacher and...well, I guess that's really the only one. I love that about 50% of the story is autobiographical for director Cameron Sawyer. But look at how we mid-'90s student body presidents are doing now! Flannel's back, and maybe, because of Tim Timmerman, we'll see a retro resurgence of Mazzy Star

Go see Tim Timmerman, Hope of America this weekend!

*This post, while honest and true, results in enough dollars in my wallet to feed my kids pizza for a couple nights. #spon

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