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Monday, December 06, 2010

*What* camera? and: WINNER!

Sometimes I feel like I'm an outsider in the blogger world for one simple reason:

I don't own a Fancy Camera.

I don't even know what dslr means.

This is just a touch of what I saw at the communal breakfast a little over a week ago:

Even so, I think the pictures I took with my phone that morning turned out pretty well, and I'm attributing it to communal being a magical place with the best natural lighting around.

Speaking of being at communal, congratulations to Logan! Logan, you were chosen by to be the winner of a $25 gift certificate to communal.

Thanks to everyone who entered by sharing what you love about breakfast. And thanks again to Heirloom Restaurant Group. I hope you'll all go to communal and let me know what you think of their breakfast menu -- or any menu!

Can't wait for you to come back tomorrow...
Another giveaway up my sleeve,
And it's a GREAT holiday gift.


Steph said...

I can't believe I didn't win.

Big girl cameras don't fit in your pocket. And I like you!

~j. said...

Oh, Steph. But you win in so, so many other ways. When I do get a big girl camera, will you show me how to use it?

Kim said...

I don't have a big girl camera either. It's ok though.

Jen said...

I don't have any camera at all right now since Liam decided to play catch with mine and then he missed...I'm really hoping Santa will bring me one...big girl or not any camera is better than none!

Emily said...

I swear my mom's new Lumix or whatever slim point-and-shoot digital camera takes just as good, if not better, photos. And I'm really, really said I didn't win. But I still love you!

jayne wells said...

I don't even know what dslr means and my husband paid a pretty penny for his!

Veeda said...

Well . . . good thing I had my camera because there's no way my sad little phone could take pictures like yours. d I agree with the great natural lighting at Communal. It's beautiful. Just like their food.

So nice to meet you! I'm going to start looking into your dance lesson suggestions.

~j. said...

Kim - really? You always have such beautiful pictures. Check you out.

Jen - Oh, no! Playing catch...ugh. ps, did I see you at Target last week?

Emily - really? I've never heard of a Lumix.

~j. said...

jayniemoon - I love seeing Jed's photos. he hire-able for videographing? Is that even a word? His videos are so touching.

Veeda - what a pleasure to get to know you! You are beautiful, as is your work, I've really liked reading your blog. I hope we can dine again together soon!

Amy said...

I love my big girl camera but there are times that a point and shoot or a phone are way better than not documenting great memories.