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Thursday, November 04, 2010

i do not want it to mean what it might seem to mean

I love how he looks like Ziggy peeking out over this sign.

No? Really? Ziggy?




We've seen lots of signs lately. What do they mean? Sometimes signs are clear-cut in their message. Like a stop sign.

And sometimes signs are things which aren't physically signs. Like something happening. Is it a sign? Sometimes it's a sign, but sometimes it's not. Sometimes things that happen are simply . . . things that happen.


I like to look at new homes because I'd like to move. I've wanted to move for a while now, and I've had to be patient because as much as I'd like to move, it simply hasn't been the right time for us to move. I can feel it getting closer, but not close enough to box stuff up.

Looking at homes has been more difficult lately because it isn't as easy to spot a For Sale sign on a yard when the landscape is sprinkled with political signs.

And sometimes it isn't easy to keep going and progressing when other signs block your view in life.

If they're actually signs at all.


Emily said...

I love that YouTube video! It's awesome!

Wonder Woman said...

Love Jon Stewart and Colbert. Glad that the time of crazy signs (and commercials) is over. Hope you get to start really looking soon.

See Mom Smile said...

Yes he looks like Ziggy and I love his sign. We are moving. Not by choice. Love your house while you can!

~j. said...

Emily - my brother told me about it. He said that when he first saw it he laughed so much his face hurt.

~j. said...

Wonder Woman - did you see the signs at the rally? So clever.

~j. said...

See Mom Smile - oh, wow. Are you moving soon?