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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Lower Lights Album winners

Wow, it was really difficult to not just give all of you a cd. If you weren't one of the chosen winners, don't give up: you can still buy the cd. It's a really reasonable price, and purchases go toward helping produce more of this type of music, so pick up two or three cds -- or more, you know, for gifts for your neighbors this holiday season. And please keep sharing your ideas and requests for other music you'd like to hear from this talented group.

The three winners:
1. The redhead
2. Christi
3. Naomi Miles

Congratulations -- please email me your shipping information.


La Yen said...

Seriously, I am not entering your contests anymore.

Oh, who am I kidding, Perry the Platypus, I can never not enter...

~j. said...

You have the nicest baby announcements in the tri-state area.

Emily said...

Dang! I may already own one but I'd love one for the car AND one for the house because I'm lazy. And we love this music!

~j. said...

Emily - Buy another! It's so good.