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Monday, July 27, 2009

reception at the finger lakes

At all the family weddings (apparently), we dance to the song "We Are Family" like this:

Missy and Max. These two were moving too fast to catch them actually dancing. Max is the funniest guy you've (n)ever met.


Aww . . . that cute Noonan couple and the two crazies who stalk them

Three brothers. I love when they get together and laugh like this.

Siblings. I am the oldest, therefore I am the tallest.
(See James's face? Yeah . . . he was hit by a car earlier that week. Also, he was using a cane. His grey tooth, however, is natural and has nothing to do with that week's incidents.)

Me holding Pip (I was missing my own 7&1/2 year old), and James

Since the two cripples couldn't dance, they sat in chairs on the dance floor and played their walking supports. Rock stars.

Rock on, MarkTwain.

I love how Jeff is checking the fretboard. You know, just in case. Playing a wrong note in this scenario would be beyond embarrassing.

some 3 boys


beans said...

those are great pictures. the noonan couple should really worry about those crazies. i love when the picture of the noonan brothers.

Jen said...

James looks like a mess, but Jenny, you look great!

Lindsey Whiting said...

Jenny, just checking in. Looks life is fun! I love that your family has a "family dance."