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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

day after the wedding (at the finger lakes)

The day after the wedding, there was sleeping in, a facial, some getting-together, and a trip to a li'l town called Skaneateles. Look like a silly word? Here's how you say it: Skinny Atlas.

At the end of a pier, we have Nat, Brad, Ash, & Rachel:

Minnie & Steve, and Kuna, getting her picture taken by Missy, being teased by John:

Maggie & Jenny (can't wait for your visit, Mags!):
(ps, I stole some more of your fb pics, as you can see)

Mia, Sue, John, Missy:
Beautiful chapel on the lake:

Mia (Hamm?):
Maggie, Jenny, Minnie, Steve, Kuna, Mia:

Jenny (oldest cousin), Michael, Brad, Ashley, Maggie, Rachel, Natalie, Mia, Minnie, Missy, Kuna, Lian (youngest cousin)

We walked to the ice cream shop where Uncle John treated us to some cones :

Nat & Mia, as we all take a break on a lawn:


Shar said...

You and Maggie look alike.

And... what is with the Chinese?

Shar said...

And Skinny Atlas looks beautiful.

Geo said...

Lots of famous smiles in your tribe. Cool!

You speak Chinese? or Tongues?

Thanks for the love and prayers, friend. Love you back.