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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

prayer for the popular

O cjane,
Blogger of the ‘Nacle, we come this blessed day to celebrate your birth,
even that of the fifth power of two,
and beseech thee, o cjane, thy good favors to be upon us all.
Have mercy on those who have offended mightily through their unfavored anonymity,
their sweeping indelicacy,
and smile upon your followers,
we who willingly sling Shamrock Cookies and Peanut Snacks upon your path.
We firmly resolve to sustain your whims of buying and not buying meat,
of lightening your hair as much as is desired,
of your constant ignoring of your friends’ phone calls,
and of the overall coincidence of your being, or not being, the mormon dooce.
Glory be, and perpetual light,
and even your wings,
as we go forth into this, our quinquennial year of blogging.
Bonne Fete.
"Cjane: Patron Saint of the Bloggernacle"
And also with you.


Anonymous said...

I for one am not willing to sling shamrock cookies in her path. I want to eat them all myself. I hope that's not one of the unforgivables.

b. said...

That thing looks a little bit like Elmo. In shades.

sue-donym said...

All in favor, say I.

Geo said...

You are the lost member of the Monty Python troupe.

Geo said...

P.S. I, aye, and eye.

Diane said...

I've missed your posts! Glad you're back!

Kalli Ko said...

seriously, when can i borrow that eye patch?

i will be doing no cookie slinging either, i think i'd rather take my chances with the fates and eat them anyway.

speaking of? anyone want to go on a cookie date?

Mrs. O said...

The tutu adds a nice touch!

La Yen said...

I love this. And Shamrock cookies.

QueenScarlett said...

Hilarious... glad to have you back phread - poke

Bunsies said...

OMG! I think I wet myself!!

Carina said...

Nice touch with the avocado, FP.

La Yen said...

Did Bunsies just say OMG? Because I think my soul died a little.

LuckyRedHen said...

OMG = oh my goodness

Now I want cookies. What was this post about? Hmph.

Anonymous said...

You have some mad photoshop skillz. (Or am I just imagining that the avocado looks pasted in?)

Now that you're done auctioning, please start singing your own praises too...soon. :)



Anonymous said...

I really hate it when my links are broken (and my limbs, too.)

whitneyingram said...

Poetry, sweet poetry.

~j. said...

Kalli -- not an eyepatch. A necklace ceej fetched for me in Paris. I should wear it as an eyepatch. I think.

Holly -- the avocado is real. It's all real. I built this nice shrine in my bedroom.

Thanks for the nice words, ya'll. I'll be back sosoon. Post currently in drafting...