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Saturday, April 14, 2007

turning 30, Act II

Darin usually makes a scavenger hunt of some sort for my birthday, where he gives me clues, or I have to find clues, or something like that. Here's the clue he had intended to give me with the iPod (which came a few days earlier than scheduled):

The Hunt for a Perfect 30th Birthday Surprise
On Saturday early morning you will hike the Y
Why would you do this, some may ask, Why?
Though you will hike with those with whom you can speak
Something will likely arrive today so you'd better take a little peek
This gift may help distract you from the pains of working out
You'd better thank the Galans, great friends no doubt

I woke up at 5:30 Saturday morning to the alarm on my phone (Hello,Moto! *chingchunkachingchang*...), and went downstairs. I quietly woke up my dad and my brother, and told them it was time to get ready to go. As I was filling up the water bottles in the kitchen, Li'l ~j. appeared.

"Mom. I woke up at 5:10, and I've been waiting for you. I want to go on the hike, too."

Well, how can I deny an almost-8-year-old who gets herself up for such an event? She got herself ready, and we gathered our water bottles, our kleenex (early hikes breed runny noses, don't ask why, it's just so), our cameras, our inhalers (just in case), our flashlights (which we didn't need). We piled into my van and drove over in the...twilight? Is it twilight? Just before dawn, whatever that's called.

We took our time on the hike, walking slowly enough to talk, and stopping for rests to catch our breaths and to rehydrate. Once at trailmarker 10, I let my dad decide if we should just hike to the bottom of the Y, or if he'd rather take on a bit more to make it to the top (which was Li'l ~j.'s vote). We opted to take the trail to the bottom, which was a first for me. We saw a family of deer searching for breakfast, which was so neat. We sat on the Y and enjoyed the view, each other's company, and the music my brother had on his phone.

(Is that her trying to do an impression of Grandpa? I'm not sure.)

On the Y, Tio gave me my next clue:

You have reached the Y as the sun rises

So much in store with many surprises

I hope you enjoy the breathtaking view from the Y

Prepare yourself for breakfast draws nigh

The food will be great quite possibly the best

Enjoy also the limited time you have with each guest

We hiked back down to the van and headed for our next stop: Magleby's Fresh. MmmMMM! If you're going to got to breakfast in Provo, go there. We walked in and I saw a familiar face: Sarah Asay, my dear friend and former roommate (TEN years ago!). She lives in Mission Viejo, but on my birthday was sitting pretty at Magleby's Fresh with some pretty flowers. Surprise! She told me that she was in town for a family reunion in Salt Lake (lie), and since she was in town anyway, had arranged with Darin to meet me for breakfast. Monica joined us and brought Ellie and Curly with her. Delicious omelettes (is that how you even spell that word?), perfect french toast and strawberries. Wonderful company.

Tio gave me my next clue:

Now off home you go to prepare for your day

Hop in the shower no time for delay

Choose comfortable clothes, maybe a necklace, some earrings, but not needed a dress

Much more fun to come, I must confess

So home we went, and Sarah came with us, we got to visit a bit. I love when Sarah comes to visit. And I love to visit Sarah (hmmm...maybe I should do that soon...). After a while she left and I took a shower and got dressed, as instructed.

Stay tuned for Act III -- with more photos!


sue-donym said...

Do you think lil ~j gets altitude sickness up there? I am getting concerned about all of the faces she pulls while up to the Y.

I love that your dad went with you. He seemed really touched by everything that weekend. It was so great to meet him.

Carina said...

Darin is so cool to write something like that for you.

Sorry for not meeting you for breakfast, but, uhm, there was other stuff in store.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, salivating for Act III.

QueenScarlett said...

Your hubby always does a scavenger hunt for your birthdays... the rest of our hubbies are so screwed. ;-)

Love the photo of your Dad and Lil ~J... what an awesome way to spend a morning. Your friend Sarah doesn't have a brother named Ryan does she? We new a Ryan and Ashley in San Jose a few years back.

Anonymous said...

I think ~J's was a perfect imitation of your Dad! I,too can't wait for act 3.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful--I had missed hearing about the Magelby's Fresh surprise. This just keeps getting better! And I especially love the photos.

wendysue said...

Act II, and it's only to breakfast! Sweet birthday! Can't wait for the next installments!

Cari said...

You must have the coolest husband ever to plan such an awesome weekend for you! Wow!

La Yen said...

1. No underwear required for the next clue? I thought that this was a family blog.

2. I love how my generosity is pointed out in every segment. Keep it up.

La Yen said...

3. If W were to ever do a scavenger hunt for me, he would have to rhyme the name of our mountain:
"La Biblia Liberdad Leerla"

(Because just ONE letter would be unthinkable.)