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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

turning 30, Act I

I already told you about last Monday, when I got my iPod from la yen, and I found out that I would be at my favorite radio show later on in the week.

Tuesday, I treated myself to having the cleaning ladies come over for three hours. Aahhh. That is SO worth it, really, it is. My dad was supposed to have arrived from New York on Tuesday, but his flight was cancelled (bad weather at O'Hare), so instead he arrived on Wednesday.

Thursday brought a fabulous bloggers-and-then-some birthday lunch at The Chang. Love that place. (ps, I don't care that it's not authentic Chinese food, just like I don't care that Cafe Rio isn't authentic Mexican -- it's still yummy.) And, love those ladies. Thank you, all who took the time to enjoy a friendly lunch. I wish they made round tables in large enough diameter to suit the lot of us.

Thursday evening I went to a darlybird LIVE! show, and man, was it lovely! Got a few things for Li'l ~j.'s birthday, which is next week. I may get myself that apron for Mother's Day. Thanks, Rachel!

Thursday night didn't bring a whole lot of sleep. I went to bed at around 12, I think, but tossed and turned. I set my alarm for 4:15 (I was to be at the station by 5:50 a.m.). After waking up AGAIN, I remember looking at the clock, and it was 3:58. It was then that I fell asleep and had my slept-through-it nightmare. Thank goodness it didn't last very long. I got up with my 4:15 alarm and showered, got dressed, and put together a batch of scotcheroos (my specialty treat), and drove to Salt Lake. I was 2 minutes late, but I got let in just the same. It was so freaking awesome. I sat there with a headphone and a microphone (except for when the love psychic needed to use them), and chuckled and made a few comments here and there. (Both Gina and I don't like borrowing books from the library for fear they've been other people's toilet books.) I got a free psychic reading (oooh, she's SO WISE! she knew it ALL!!). I got a Burger King breakfast sandwich. They gave me a scrapbooking gift basket ("What else would someone named Molly Mormon possibly want for her birthday?"). It was great fun.

That evening Grandpa watched the girls while Darin, Bubby and I went on a date with Mr. & Mrs. suedonym; a gallery stroll of Our Fair City. A very enjoyable evening which ended in meeting up with my brother & his family for dinner (free birthday dessert!).

That night I tried to get to bed early, but my brother made me stay up and talk at him. He's always doing that. I finally went to bed at around 1:a.m..

I had NO IDEA what I was in for on Saturday.

Stay tuned...Act II, including photos, to come!

Today's Yay: Stepdad's heart procedure went well, and he's okay.
Today's Boo: Bubby's 6-month shots.


Carina said...

How much do I love that you got a scrapbooking basket?

How much do I love that you had the birthday of a lifetime?

And if they're so famous, why come I've never had them?

QueenScarlett said...

No wonder you had no idea... look at how awesome it was already. Poor bubby... Kalea had them the Fri before Easter...and my perfect baby was miserable on Saturday...

So how did your hubby hook you up with the radio show? Do you have pics from that too? So much fun...what did you say? Is there a recording online??? ;-) I love stuff like that.

Curious like Azucar... I want to know what those treats are and would like a taste.

sue-donym said...

Glad stepdad is okay. Is the Bets doing alright now?

Mr. & Mrs. suedonym had a fabulous time strolling galleries with y'all, even if we did run into Sister "Inappropriate".

Dry spaghetti noodle, anyone?

Anonymous said...

It couldn't happen to a nicer person.

(Sue--I sense a story here. Who is Sis. Inappropriate?)

i i eee said...

Indeed, you're such a sweetheart, ~J. So glad you had the bestest best birthday evah!

Bek said...

Love the updates..since I missed EVERYTHING (but we really tried). I will see you tomorrow....

Anonymous said...

Sue, if you sleep over at my house tonight, I'll break out a whole bag...

Jenny, of course you are invited too.

Cari said...

The idea of cleaning ladies coming to rescue me sounds so wonderful right now!