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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

the post blogger didn't want me to post

You may have heard that I hiked the Y. This is true. It was so, on Saturday the tenth of March, that I set out with two too cool girls for a brisk morning hike. I didn't know what I was in for. My body hated me the entire way up, and screamed at me, "Stop! We hate this! Just STOP IT!!" But I replied to my body, "No, we're most certainly not stopping. We're getting in shape now, and this is how we're starting." At the top, I sat on my sweatshirt, and got a little cold, and I could hardly believe that I was sitting at the top of the Y that I have seen nearly every day for the last ten-and-a-half years, the Y which I see so clearly from my bedroom window. I didn't run up, like some cool cats can do, but I made it. The hike down was more difficult (on the knees), and I fell once and got scraped up, but the company and conversation couldn't have been better.

And...I was addicted.

I couldn't wait to get back and do it again. It seemed that my schedule would best allow for me to go again the following Saturday. When I mentioned this to my husband, Li'l ~j. overheard and asked if she could go with me. Since I'm striving to say "yes" more than I say "no" to her, I agreed. I told her on Friday that she could wake me up at 7 on Saturday morning.

*tap-tap* "Mom? Mom, it's 7 o'clock. It's time to hike the Y. You said."

"Um...five more minutes."

"Mom? It's 7:15."

I got out of bed and got ready. Downstairs, as I was putting on my shoes, Curly asked what I was doing.

"Getting ready to hike the Y with Li'l ~j.."

"Can I come?"

"No, Sweetie."

She started to cry. I said no because I had thought that this was a special date for Li'l ~j. and myself, but when Li'l ~j. heard the crying, she asked me, "Why can't she come, too?" And I agreed, since Li'l ~j. didn't mind.

They were so excited. On the drive over to the trail, I kept telling myself that it was okay that we most likely wouldn't make it to the top. And I was completely okay with that.

But guess what.

THEY DID IT!!! The girls were absolute troopers. They took turns wanting to quit and motivating each other. We stopped for some photos at some special trail markers...

...and of course took our water breaks.

My two favorite conversations during the hike up:
1. Curly: "Mom?"
"You know on Aristocats when they say, 'I'm bushed!'?"
"Well, Mom, it's just that...well, Mom, I'm bushed! But, Mom?"
"Well, it's just...Mom...well...what does 'bushed' mean?"
2. Upon hearing Curly say that she wanted to go stop hiking, Li'l ~j. stepped in: "Curly, have you ever heard the story of the little blue choo choo train?"
*I fell behind them to listen to this as they hiked side by side.*
"Well, there was once a little blue choo choo train, and its job was to take toys to a village. Do you remember what a village is?"
"A village is a place where they don't have ANYTHING. No houses to live in, no food to eat, no clothes, and no toys. So, the choo choo train had to take toys to the village, but it was really hard work, so you know what he did?"
"He just kept saying, 'I think I can! I think I can!', and guess what!"
"He did it! And you can do it, too. Let's keep going!"
One thing that I know kept them motivated was the promise of apple slices at the top.

The hike back down was highlighted by the spots of sunshine that were just starting to grace the trail. Curly wanted me to carry her, so we worked at distracting her by playing "guess which animal I am", which worked.
And so it was, on that brisk morning of the seventeenth of March, that with the company of two too cool girls, I hiked that Y.

**Still on my to-do list:
~Bombay House
~Karaoke ("empty orchestra" - can you believe I've never done this?)
~Get a guitar and Let's Get Rockin'
~Write something to be published

Today's Yay: Getting naps when I can.
Today's Boo: Kids still sick.


ash said...

Your fabulous day makes me want to jump in the car and drive to Provo.

Thanks for "saying yes more than no," a much needed reminder this week.

tia frijoles said...

i'm so proud of those girls. they're so AWESOME. i'm back on blogger.

dalene said...

No wonder you were hating blogger--this is a GREAT post!

And I absolutely LOVE the pics!

Good for you--all of you!

Tori :) said...

That is so awesome! Sei and I were just talking about hiking the Y and Isabel said, "I want to!" I told her it would be too hard for her. Who am I kidding? She's more in shape than the rest of the famiy!
Are you gonna go again?

Elizabeth-W said...

I'm reading your blog instead of exercising right now--I totally hurt my knee yesterday and I'm going to have to take it easy today, meaning no deep knee stuff.
Beautiful pics!!!
If I were going to eat at Bombay House tonight, I'd order: saag paneer, aloo paratha, and raita.
(I'll try to say yes more, too.)

wendysue said...

What a fabulous morning for two fab girls and a fab mom! Good for you!!

Lyle said...

It has been way to long since I've hiked the Y. I've never seen markers/posts on the trail.

What troopers indeed. All three of you.

Carina said...

Three am? You mean I could have called you for a chat?

Bek said...

Wow! I love that the girls did it and that you took them! I barely want to take mine to the grocery store.... I loved the pictures (they are getting SO BIG and beautiful).

I am all over the Bombay House, you and me and lunch sometime when I am in town.......

C. Jane Kendrick said...

I love those girlies! I am guessing they will never forget their first walk to the Y. And when they are 30 and hiking the Y they will say how did I make it so effortlessly that first time? Pffffh.

(I am thinking that I might be involved in all of your goals. That is if you'll have me.)

Sister Pottymouth said...

You rock, ~j. My knees wobbled for a week after the last time I hiked the Y. You and your girls are awesome!

Cari said...

I've always wanted to hike the Y but never have. How cool you took your daughters. (they are adorable!) I'm sure they won't ever forget that day.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome BLOG. I can't wait to see you all again. Maybe that hike would cure my knees.

Rick Galan said...

I'm still trying to convince Rick that we need to hike the Y.

Umm...Bombay House. We love it there.

QueenScarlett said...

How fun! You have such lovely girls. So cute that they motivate each other. You are one awesome mommy. Hope you're kiddies get better soon. AND... you have to tell me when you go to Bombay House...and tell me what you have... I LOVE that place. Get the Mango Lassi... and any curry dish is delish!!! I've only just recently found an Indian restaurant with the right ambiance and food that I like. Nearly 10 years!

i i eee said...

Holy crap, your girls are so cute! And so much fun!

What a great post! I feel so inspired to hike to the Y myself! Last time I hiked down in Provo, was when I hiked all the way to the top of Timpanogos, and watched the sunset. And I vowed to never do that ever again. But I admit, I'm getting antsy.

I love the Chicken Tikki Masala at Bombay. Good stuff.

Sister Pottymouth said...

My favorite line is, "A village is a place where they don't have ANYTHING. No houses to live in, no food to eat, no clothes, and no toys."

It's awfully hard for a village to raise a child when you don't have houses to live in.

I've been laughing at that all day long.

{natalie} said...

i'll join you for tepanyaki any time!
great job on hiking the Y, we haven't done it in a long time.

Anonymous said...

Oh the Y is one of my favorite places on this planet. it's perfect in every way--perfect degree of difficulty, perfect length, perfect view from the top, and a perfect sense of achievement when it's over. wish we had even a hint of a hill to walk up here in texas--i sure miss the mountains.

pflower10 said...

I have hiked the Y twice in my life. And both times (in one week, mind you) were incredible. I am so proud of your girls (and YOU) for hiking it! My 6yr old wants to hike it too and I've been giving her the NO treatment, but maybe now I'll consider it.
Your girls are so pretty, they sure do know how to work the camera!

-I haven't been to Bombay House but I've heard lots of good things about it. I'm supposed to try the rose milk.

-Tepanyaki is one of my fav places to go. My MIL gave me a gift certificate to go there, YUM!! There is a new tepanyaki style restaurant up next to Golden Corral called SAKURA (with the a's upside down) that was new and clean and simply lovely.

-I don't know what you mean by "empty orchestra" so I can't comment. However, karaoke rocks!

-I have a friend who is teaching herself the guitar with the help of an instruction manual and CD. She's doing great. Do you already know how to play?

-I have no doubt that you will be officially published one day. I bet you'll have a compilation of all of your blogs in book form one day!

I just have one question....What was Lil~j doing up at 7am on a Saturday morning? Doesn't she like to sleep in????

Geo said...

Total and utter fabulosity! You are goddesses, and this is a perfect post. I could die from permasmile at your photos.

sue-donym said...

That photo of lil ~j eating the apples looks like she has just seen someone jump off the mountain.

Way to go mom. You are too awesome. I cannot imagine even thinking about taking the princess to the Y - unless we both had sherpas.

It sounds like from the comments Tepenyaki may need to be our next GNO activity. Count me in!

The one and only time I did Karaoke I was on a cruise ship, everyone else was drunk, and I still got the comment "Don't quit your day job".

sue-donym said...

That photo of lil ~j eating the apples looks like she has just seen someone jump off the mountain.

Way to go mom. You are too awesome. I cannot imagine even thinking about taking the princess to the Y - unless we both had sherpas.

It sounds like from the comments Tepenyaki may need to be our next GNO activity. Count me in!

The one and only time I did Karaoke I was on a cruise ship, everyone else was drunk, and I still got the comment "Don't quit your day job".

La Yen said...

I like that they are flashing gang signs.

~j. said...

ash - welcome! Drive on down anytime and we'll go for a hike!

tia - glad you're back.

cw - well, thanks. And thanks for the encouragement to attempt the re-post. I hope to not have to deal with that nonsense again.

tori - YES, I plan on hiking it again! I want to make it a regular thing. Perhaps we could hike together, me and you and our girls?

ew - I hope your knee feels better!

wendy - thank you!

lyle - I think the trailmarkers are new -- maybe since the fire in 2001 (info from nienie, if memory serves).

azu'car - yes. always.

bek - YES for lunch! I think you'll be here on my actual birthday...

cj - I hope they'll remember. I think they will. And of course I'll have you. I do so love to check 'to do' items off of a list!

julie - thank you. And, yes, I had forgotten about what being in a village must mean for raising children...

cari - you should go hike it! Do! Do! I mean, after the snow goes away, of course.

mom - it would most certainly NOT cure your knees. Do not attempt this hike. We can go on other hikes for your knees' sake.

april - yes, yes you DO need to hike the Y. And afterwards, we can go to Bombay House.

Queen - I know I can trust your recommendations, as I gather that a woman such as yourself has nothing less than impeccable taste! And I know how much you love your yummy Indian food!

meta - thank you! I've thought about the timp hike...and by though about I mean tried to NOT think about. Because I know it would be hard. And I really want to do it. And I know it would take a while for me to get in shape enough to do it. And I really REALLY want to do it. And I'm afraid I'll get addicted. *sigh* Maybe when the day is right, you could be my trail guide.

natalie - you got it. Another date.

emily - thank you! It's clear you love the hike; any chance you'll be near here soon to hike it?

pf10 - Do the hike and take the kids! Empty orchestra is merely the literal translation of the word 'karaoke'. (Thank you, Japanese couple on the flight home from Boston 13 years ago!) I do know how to play the guitar, and I even have one, but the one to which I'm referring is an acoustic electric bass (I sold my old bass and amp about 8 or 9 years ago). And as for my kids...they RARELY sleep in, but most especially NOT on a day when I promised them we'd go hiking!

geo - Thank you, you lovely, lovely lady! But don't die, not even from a permasmile.

sue - I can seldom get Li'l ~j. to NOT make that face. And if you quit your day job, who will care for Our Fair City?!

yen - west side represent.

kiki said...

I love this post, and Lil J's explanation of a village. I lived in a village almost like that one once, except it had a rugby team.

Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson said...

good fer you jen-dogg

b. said...

I can totally see why you call her lil~j. Cute little girls.....cute mom. Great job on the hike!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, wish I could say that I will (be near there anytime soon to hike.) Unfortunately the only elevation I'm seeing these days is the artificial incline feature on my treadmill. Boo!