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Monday, March 05, 2007

and this one time, cjane was in my car

Growing up, there was a girl in my town named Tracy Jordan.

There's a guy in my ward named Michael Scott.

When I was a little girl, my imaginary friend's name was Lisa.

Who do you know that's famous?

Today's Yay: A sparkly, clean fridge.
Today's Boo: Still not warm outside.


Carina said...

Hmm, the Lisa that is in the Tobacco commercials? I feel for her husband, all his shirts smell like smoke.

Seeing Dave Nibley in the RC Willey stuff and LDS movies cracks me up (Emmie probably feels the same way.)

dalene said...

Famous is so relative, no?

Fresh out of college I got a job as copy editor at the now defunct Utah County Journal. Two weeks later they fired the editor and I pretty much assumed most of her duties by default. Eventually they gave me the title of associate editor, but I had no clue what I was doing and learned most of what I did the hard way--by screwing up. I did, however, get to meet and work with some great people. One day this guy came in and wanted me to read his stuff. I did and it amused me and I loved the way he made us laugh at ourselves (something that hadn't been too commonly braved in that day). So I passed his submissions on to our publisher with a thumbs up, and it was agreed we should give him a go

And I also now--thanks to you all--know bek, who is this week's guest blogger at design mom. That's about as famous as it gets I think.

Although around this town I do get approached by a lot of people because I also happen to be "Mr. Rowley's wife." That might not mean much in these circles, but in some parts of town he's a pretty big deal.

dalene said...

Oh and I am pretty sure I work with some of your famous friends. They just go by different names around my office.

Anonymous said...

i worked with a guy named danny glover. didn't realize that was his name til months into it. and i went to efy with that kid from the buttercream gang. i broke his sunglasses.

La Yen said...

I took a tap class with the kid that was so obviously gay from Saturday's Warriors. You know the one. I also was good friends with a girl whose brother went to Prom on a double date with Kirk Cameron. And I saw Thomas Kinkade throw a hissy fit and abuse his wife.

You also grew up with a guy named Bob Lobla.

swampbaby said...

In fifth grade, there was a kid named Michael Jackson in my class.

When I think about it, I actually have met a lot of famous people that were either actors, athletes, or Church celebrities, but I guess I wasn't very star-struck. I think Sinbad was the coolest - he had a party in my neighbor's yard next door.

Cari said...
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Cari said...

Hope you don't mind me commenting on your fun blog. I found it through cjane's and Lyle's. Also, I guess we're in the same stake (my husband knows your husband). Anyway...
I grew up next door to Sandy West who was in the rock group The Runaways with Joan Jett. Once she brought Joan over to our house for a visit. That was pretty cool. I also ran into (literally) Jimmy Osmond at a Young Adult beach party in California years ago. Not so cool.

Cari said...
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sue-donym said...

What fun! CW - I was the Business Editor at the Provo Sun (published by the Utah COunty Journal) We ARE sisters!

Famous people I know (or have met and I just throw their name around)
Marie Osmond, Anne Geddes, numerous authors - gotta love those book conventions, Matt Dillan, Saw Robert Redford yelling at his kids to get in the #%$& car, Ahnahld Schwartzanegger, Ozzy Osbourne (well ok I saw him backstage at a concert walking around with Sharon, Kelly & Jack)

Wow, I am on a roll here. Who knew I was so smokin'?

pflower10 said...

My uncle is Michael Jordan...
And my brother-in-law is Michael Landon
I did meet Giada De Laurentiis last year, (SO EXCITING)
I too have enjoyed the aura of Miss Marie Osmond
Diane Lane was in the same restaurant as us last year (DIsneyland)
The old bad guy from "THe Lost Boys" was with us in Heber a few years ago
I saw Greg Kinnear on the freeway down in Atlanta
I rode an airplane with Heuey Lewis and McDreamy
and....I am ME of course.

Cardine said...

There was this guy in a ward on my mission named Mark Anthony.

Hmmm... there are probably more, but I can't remember them.

Mary Beth said...

I dated a guy named Mark Green (ER).

Garrett has a friend named Joseph Smith.

Oh, and the guy that I dated has a brother named Tom Green.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

K shut up about the title to this post!!! UR so funny!

But, really I was in your car that one time and Beans was there and we were all shooting the shizzle.

And also this other time when I was a young woman and my YM president was Micheal Jackson and my YW president was Lisa Marie (and guess who was married at that time in real life? No I am so serious. Micheal Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. Iamsoserious.)

And also in real life: Sean Astin yourememberthatright?

~j. said...

Yes, yes, Bob Loblaw was the owner of a local-ish chain of grocery stores (Loblaw's).

And...branch president in Fredonia, New York: Dave Matthews.

Oh, cjane, do I EVER remember! (You're shorter in real life...)

b. said...

Tom Green, the pliggy...intimately.
Nick Lechey's love child.
Famous people's sick kids.
Sue Ellen Ewing.
Madonna and I hung out at the same dance club in NYC, way back before she was like a virgin.

Sister Pottymouth said...

I saw Michele King in a restaurant once and couldn't figure out why she looked so familiar. My brothers teased me mercilessly for staring.

Bek said...

We only know boring business people like Larry Ellison and Michael Dell. I see famous people in airports all the time and once stayed at a resort and saw Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel, Johnny Knoxville and Sara Michelle Gellar and Freddy Prinze Jr...

Wait, Steve Young. Does he count? Not really, huh? Shirley Temple, Joan Biaz and Neil Young all live in my town and we see them occasionally in the bakery. Oh, Michelle Phfiefer is my in laws next door neighbor.

I couldn't tell if you were asking for people who had the same names as famous people or real famous people...but I don't know anyone that has the same name as a famous person.... I suck.

~j. said...

No self-proclaimed sucking allowed! Yes, Steve Young counts -- whether you are referring to the football Steve Young or another. Famous or shared names, that's what I like to hear.

wendysue said...

My sister had a friend in High School named London Bridge.

And Matt has an uncle named Fred Krueger. (or as they like to call him Freddy)

Oh and I saw David Foster yesterday (he's the PA at my Dr)

junioraudio said...

Hey Jenny,
Scott Wiley here. I need to get ahold of you, but dont have your contact information. Could you email me at

i i eee said...

I can't think of any shared names for now. Other than there was a woman in my ward growing up named Holly Jolley. Not that it's famous, but still...and in her defence, it's her married name.

Once I saw Screech at Disneyland. He was wearing sunglasses and trying very hard to be cool.

On that SAME trip to California, my dance group saw Jesse from Saved By the Bell as well. We were at a dance studio, and she was taking a class. And she was a total bitty.

So now I still have to meet Zach, Slater, Kelly, Lisa, and Mr. Belding, to make my Saved By the Bell stalking complete. WHAHAHAHAHA.

Emily said...

I think Bek wins for knowing the most famos people. And she's all trying to be nonchalant about it! (We know you read People, Bek!)

Anonymous said...

sean stayed at the same hotel as screech on the other coast. it was a POS hotel. and i served a guy at work named john wayne. so i walked over and said, "ok... duke... (chortle, snort, hiccup) just sign one credit card slip for me."

{natalie} said...

ummm, Marie Osmond needed a new Costco card last night and I got to take her picture for it. Nice huh!

Emmie said...

Whilst in grad school, I met and chatted with lotsa famous folks, but two of the most memorable were: Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute of The Office, and a very cool guy), and Balki Bartokomous.

QueenScarlett said...

hum...other than you...and all the other bloggers I get to meet.

So do your little girls have imaginary friends? I never did...but sometimes I think Kalea might...not so much one friend as in an auditorium full of fans. ;-)

Since he counts...First...I don't stalk. But I've danced at a 49er half-time and Steve Young won some mvp thing... then he came to BYU to film a sports illustrated for kids show and I was there with a fellow communications major to help with the shoot. I got to hold his jacket and he took a picture with me...and signed a bunch of stuff... then after I was engaged he attended a dinner at an alumni thing in the bay area where SHERI DEW was speaking. Sheri Dew I had met before at the groundbreaking for the new conference center. I was able to get a photo with the then RS prez... perks of having a press pass.

Interned at KSL... my fav was Bruce Lindsay... he was REAL...and honest... and actually did work...rather than the other anchors that came in just to get makeup and big hair done before going on air.

Dean mentor who I think is famous because he does so many shows for the Church/KBYU.
I'm in the same ward as the Merrill girls. Went to a New Years Eve party that was held at one of their homes and their Dad was leaving as we walked in...

Like Bek... bay area famous people are all techy folks. Some great CEOs... some scary mean. (I don't know anyone with famous names...and not genuinely famous)

Robert L. Millet to me is famous...I totally love listening to him and reading his work. He was my Stake Prez and had great leadership meetings... we emailed for a short time.

Why is everyone I know Mormon? You'd think I'd see more... celebrities living in Calif... and all the times I was in So Cal...but I just either can't spot them or am not looking in the right places.

Haley Warner said...

My dad LOOKS like David Hasselhoff, does that count? And my husband LOOKS like Kirk Cameron, or so he has been told.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

Peeps, I hate to say it but we lost ~J to myspace. RIP ~J!

~j. said...

Oh, quit. I'm still here. Just digesting my FANTASTIC weekend.

~j. said...

Oh, quit. I'm still here. Just digesting my FANTASTIC weekend.

Geo said...

in person:
l. tom perry
andrew mccarthy
micheal hutchence (inxs)
those other inxs guys
jimmy, donny, and marie osmond

via email:
jane siberry

via snail mail:
gordon b. hinckley

shoved into his broom closet:
robert redford