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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

this is my report

No, no, I have NOT left you all for myspace...although I do have a new myspace page, and it's kind of a weird place over there I don't mind saying. But I have been neglectful of my blogspot, and while I've been bouncing back and forth between having nothing to blog about and having SO much to share, I'll let you know what I've been up to (because, as Oh, Judy! and I have talked about before, answering that I'm just being a mom is sometimes not a sufficient answer).

~Well, firstly, my Superstar turned 3 on Monday. She had her first trip to the dentist, where she allowed the dental assistant to count her teeth, but not clean them ("No, Mommy, because it's dangerous!"). I made her a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and did NOT throw a party for her this year, because I've come to realize that I should chill out on that aspect (more crap eliminated!) until she's old enough to ask for it. Today she went to the doctor for her well-check, and again, proclaimed that to have our good doctor look in her ears was very dangerous.

~You may have heard that I hiked the Y. This is true. I hated the climb, really hated it. And my body was so mad at me. At the same time, I'm completely addicted and can't wait to do it again. It was a rather spiritual experience for me, which perhaps I'll write about another time, and which I'm sure is probably not too uncommon for those who have hiked it. One of my main struggles was not laughing on the way up. Nienie's proclamation of Not Talking was, like herself, all too wise. The company and conversation was completely enriching.

~I also went to a party. I am not lying, nor exaggerating, when I say that my version of heaven includes this very breed of party. It was perfect. Part of the perfection was in planning. And being there. Honestly. My heaven.

~I really haven't gotten out too terribly much more than necessary, and for a good reason: I've been held captive by my radio. Yes, yes, it's that season again. Perhaps you don't know this about me: I'm a radio junkie. Though I've let up in recent years, I have an uncanny knack for winning prizes in radio contests. Really. I've won countless cds, restaurant gift certificates, concert tickets, even $864 in cash (that was from ONE CONTEST). The past three weeks I spent listening to a station that I LOATHE for the chance to win tickets to Disneyland. Fat chance, you say? Beware, naysayers: SOMEONE has to win, right? Often it's me... but this time it wasn't. (They were looking for caller #19; once I was #16, once I was #13, and once, I'm not joking, I was #6 AND #18.) That contest is over, but now I'm into a different contest, on my preferred station, to win some cash. Wish me lucky dialing.

~I'm pleased to announce that, due to our tax return, we are the ACTUAL OWNERS of our washer, and also our blue furniture. I love paying things off. And I love writing checks. Am I the only one who writes checks anymore?

Maybe that's it for now. I have to go check my myspace page.

I have 16 friends, you know.

Today's Yay: At Costco I bought 5 four-packs of those really yummy peaches in jars, and those are normally $3.99 FOR ONE JAR at the Macey's (or whathaveyou), but at Costco they're $7.35 for a four-pack, and I had a coupon for $1.80 off of up to five four-packs so I ended up spending about $27.75 on 20 jars of peaches (yes, we'll eat them all; feasibly before next Thursday) instead of $79.80 or whatever.
Today's Boo: I found out that my cousin's husband is being deployed to Iraq, and he'll be gone for 12 months.


{natalie} said...

meet me in myspace...

what? you were at costco today? it was my day off. see you next time.

and i feel the same way about the party, i couldn't stop talking about it on saturday.

{natalie} said...

oh it's

please add me i need cool friends...

Geo said...

Ooo, oo, good luck! I've had a lucky radio win history too, but haven't bee trying so far this year. I'll send you my unused lucky points.

My word verification sounded out reads: cutie easy spy.

Bek said...

I have NO IDEA how MySpace works. I can't figure it out... really.

I'll live.

I haven't climbed the Y since uni. I don't anticipate doing it again any time soon.

Sounds like the birthday weekend extravaganza was big stuff. :-) You should see the baby showers here..... you would be in heaven every other Saturday.....

b. said...

I'm on myspace too somewhere....can't figure it out. Did it so I could spy on my nephew.

Rots of Ruck on the Radio!

I want some peaches.

Anonymous said...

remember when i won a recliner on the radio? and dmb tix but i was moving so i gave them to you and papi for your anniversary? and then, i won some other things? rememember that time you were in the beatles?

i i eee said...

For the longest time I thought I was WAY too TC (too cool) for myspace.

But then I gave in -and it's actually kind of fun. It can be a great way to keep in touch with people -but with minimal effort. So if you're a lazy fool like me...heh heh.

My, you are lucky! Once I won a snowboard in a drawing. Too bad I'm no fan of gravity + snow though -broke my back once when I was sledding. So no snowboarding for me -but it did do well for me on ebay. So not all was lost.

sue-donym said...

You're Back!

So does that mean the Y is on for the 7th? I was crying to my seester that I thought it was probably off now.

I guess you have to be a friend to have a fried, right. DOes that mean I need a my space account to spy on you and all of the YW?

Carina said...

I forget about MySpace just like I've forgotten about Friendster. Then I get emails from wounded people saying, "How come you haven't accepted my friend invite?" Oh yeah, MySpace, it's still there. (Can't stand the ads.)

Tori :) said...

I like writing checks too.
I've only won something once on the radio- for stumping a Brady Bunch whiz. I think I won a t-shirt. Woo-freakin'-hoo.
I've never hiked the Y, but maybe sometime Sei and I will. Does your butt hurt? I pushed the double stroller up a hill yesterday and mine is killin!

pflower10 said...

The last thing I won were 6 tickets to a movie premier last year. I won them off of FOX13 NEWS. It was so much fun. I do good at the 5K giveaways. I've won a flat of flowers, haircuts, 2 tickets for an airline that went belly up the month after I won them, a 3 strand floating black pearl necklace, and some other stuff that I can not think of.

The PARTY looked like it was so much fun. Those Clark's really know how to whoop it up. You lucky duck (that you got to be there).

Hubby and I have SEPARATE checking accounts!! That's the only way to keep our matrimonial harmony at a balance. But I TOO love to pay things off, even if it's just my bills every month.

More Caffiene, Please said...

Yay for you and your washers and blue furniture and your peaches and your party and your winnings. I'm going to Costo TODAY for said peaches.

QueenScarlett said...

Glad to have you back...if temporarily... ;-) I'm with Bek - no idea how that space works - like do we get to see your space? I just see the news teasers about myspace being a scary space... or something for teens and predators.

That's awesome you win so much stuff...that was my Mom when we lived in Bountiful. She won everything (trips to DC, vacations, money, music...concert tix) - it got to the point that the radio station said she wasn't allowed to win things anymore so she used other family member names. hehehe

Happy WINNING! (for a second I thought I was channeling greg kinnear)

dalene said...

Mmmm. I write checks. And while I've never gotten lucky on the radio, I did win a cool prize by blogging once.

And now, thanks to you, I'll go to bed singing, "Millions of peaches. Peaches for ~j..."

(I want to hear more about your hike-the-Y experience sometime.)

Haley Warner said...

So I need to put you in touch with my mother who is the ultimate QUEEN of radio contests. She has since retired, but growing up, we lived off her radio winnings, and also traveled a bit.. went to a few Bon Jovi concerts too. She has won thousands of dollars, trips to Mexico, the Super Bowl (twice) Disneyland, I could go on but I won't.. She was a slave to that radio for 20 years I tell you!

C. Jane Kendrick said...

I am a witness to Haley's statement.

Bek said...

J You remind me of the book "The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio". I think that if you are going to put the time and energy into it, you DESERVE to win!!

I love to write checks. My husband and I also have seperate checking accounts (actually we are both on each others, but we have seperate banks). I get a paycheck every week and I use it for household stuff, he pays the rest of the bills out of his. As long as I stay in the budget he doesn't care where it goes, as opposed to before when he started pestering me about why the kids were wearing EXPENSIVE diapers.... etc. I am with pflower, it keeps the peace.

Lyle said...

Even workng as a team with four phones, I have never won a radio contest.