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Thursday, March 01, 2007


Just returned from mew'chal (Utahn for midweek youth activity). Usually we have it on Tuesdays, but this week's activity was going roller skating at Classic Skate, and Foursdays are Dollar Night. (Or whatever.) So we went tonight.

I went tonight.

I've been inactive since Bubby's birth, and now I've decided to ease my way back into the swing, starting with this choice activity, for which I missed the (I'm sure) thrilling discussion of this month's book. Six girls were in my automobile (is a piece of crap), and the brand spankin' new beehive sat shotgun. I taught this girl in primary three years ago, and she made me cry nearly every week. Tonight, I heard no fewer than four detailed stories from her involving vomit. And watching other people vomit. And getting dizzy and feeling like vomiting.

So awesome.

One of our fresh-faced deacons tripped a priest (priest meaning 17-year-old boy, not a, you know, a priest) out on the rink, and the toughest of all tough guys -- you know, THE MANAGER, pulled them aside and told them that the cops were being called.

The cops.

My friend, whom I'll call Annie, took care of that one lickety-split. No cops were called in the first place. And that manager had a really bad haircut.

The dj with the Y hat told us that hip-hop songs aren't allowed until after 9, when the kids go home. But we left before 9 and some kids were just getting there. Who are these people??? Annie and I enjoyed Dancing Queen and Bye, Bye, Bye a wee bit too much, and we're so sure that the kids were like, "Look at those two old ladies!"

They also played a song by Journey.

Today's Yay: Painted my fingernails (haven't done that in years).
Today's Boo: Struggling with my own pride-y issues.


Sister Pottymouth said...

Did you skate?

Sister Pottymouth said...

Did you do the hokey pokey?

Sister Pottymouth said...

Did you spin yourself about?

b. said...

I heart mewchal, dollar night, spankin' new beehives(not), journey and abba, and old ladies diggin' journey and abba.
I don't heart emesis or skating rink managers(on the edge of creepy).

Carina said...

Fingernails? What are you? A GIRL?

sue-donym said...

They played Dancing Queen. LUCKY!

I've always said that rolling skating at Classic is the best way to ease yourself back into full activity in the church.

Unknown said...

I think the last time I went to Classic Skating was when I was in mewchal. I kept trying to skate with one YM in particular, but alas, she never wanted to be anything more than friends...sniff. [the sniff is past tense]

Tori :) said...

I haven't skated in That sounds fun.

i i eee said...

I don't skate anymore. Not since I fell down and tore my pants. In the crotch, no less. I also tore my pants ice skating once as well...I had fallen and the blade tore a big tear in my "precious" Lucky brand jeans...revealing my horrid poly-blend granny-panties.

But I did have my 10th birthday party at Classic Skating. And I remember during the "Snowball Skate" this older boy asked me to skate with him. I held his hand and beamed. He had a full-on mullet, and it was the first time a boy had ever asked me to skate. He asked me what school I went to. I said, "Lone Peak." (At this time there was no Lone Peak High School.) He was like, "Lone Peak? Where that?" And I repeated myself, saying, "I go to Lone Peak...Elementary."

HAHAHAHAHHA. I still get kicks and giggles out of this, because he was turned out to be 16. I guess it was one of the perks of getting my menses at age 10.

Man, I've been such a comment hog lately. Sorry. But oh, the memories of "Classic." I couldn't resist.

dalene said...

Yeah. Cuz you're so old.


You crack me up.

Your readers comments today crack me up.

My daughter is about to be a new Beehive. She would drive you crazy, but you might love her anyway as long as you didn't have to live with her. She is a bit boy crazy, but she doesn't talk about vomit.

Carina said...

I'm going to eat your family.

JC said...

I puked last night, at least 4 times. :) Now I feel somewhat better.

Anonymous said...

um... did anyone else notice lyle said he tried to skate with a YM? just wonderin.

simon dice edit.

QueenScarlett said...

beans - I did... and was reading through hoping someone would mention it... LOL

I can't remember the last time I was at a roller rink... do they still use the 4 wheels or are they all inline now?

Is it me...or when you say roller rink manager you think... old dude living in his mother's basement and will never get some?

Although... lawyers who buy a bowling alley are hot...if they're Tom Cavanaugh. ;-)

wendysue said...

One of my favorite skating memories was when the Billy Jean video had just come out and they put up a screen at the rink and played the song/video. We. . .went. . .NUTS!!

Hey LVC, does that ring a bell? Were you there??

I also vividly remember around that age someone bringing their new Loverboy album (yes. . album) to the rink. . .scandelous with the red leather pants butt shot!!

I love how roller skating "managers" think they are the hottest things ever as they fly around the rink, even doing the "cross-over". Was he wearing Z Cav. jeans?? Or Girbaud??

dalene said...

Still cracking me up.

Good one, Queen.

sue-donym said...

Girbaud Jeans? Wow that brought me back.

Anonymous said...

one of my favorite skating memories is holding hands with Harvey Messer after he gave me a papakeet bell to wear around my neck because he didn't have a class ring. The song was something like "I'm so dizzy, my head is spinnin'. Like a whirlpool it never ends....." I'm not saying who I am but those of you who know will know.

~j. said...

julie - yes. no. no.

b. - emesis! Had to look that one up. Check it out, everyone, I learned me a new word.

azu'car - occasionally.

sue - yes, it IS the best way, even for a skate whore such as myself. And they played "Dancing Queen" because Annie requested it!

lyle - I know you meant a YW. I hope you meant a YW. You're probably just accustomed to typing YM.

tori - should we...plan a bloggers skate night? Guess what, I was just looking through some photos last night and you were in some!

meta - I LOVE that story! You're never a comment hog. I enjoy reading what you have to say.

cdub - I'd love to have your daughter in my group. I'm usually with the laurels, so I enjoy a li'l beehive drama now and then.

azu'car - go get my nose back.

jc - I think my beehive may have told me that story. I hope you feel better.

beans - I noticed. simon dice fix your blog and write some funny stories.

queen - I used the four wheels, not inline kind. There were some blades there, though, which made me think that I should have brought my own. Also there: scooters and strollers. And...that is PRECISELY the manager to whom I was referring.

wendysue - I was just telling li'l ~j. today about how, when I was her age, Thriller was my favorite song; I didn't try to explain the concept of records to her, though. (I totally remember that Loverboy album!) I didn't notice the manager's jeans, only his Sally Jesse Raphael glasses.

Oh, anonymous...I'm not sure what a papakeet bell is, but I'm glad you shared that memory. (**I know that you meant parakeet, and to prove my point, I almost wrote "mamory" instead of "memory". I'm so funny.)

Anonymous said...

i do have a good funny. i need to work on the blog thing.

Anonymous said...

hey, anonymous... are you anonymous or aMOMymous?