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Sunday, December 24, 2006

I wasn't going to sit down and write a post tonight, but I am grateful for a really, really great day, and it's spilling all over the place.

My bedroom is freezing (one heating vent right under the window, don't get me started), so we've been sleeping on an air mattress in the family room. I woke up to my girls calling, "Good morning, Mommy!" I fed Bubby and then he & I took a shower (his first - infants are always so funny about the sensation of the shower, like they're terrified and can't get enough, all at the same time). I got dressed and then got Mocoface dressed; she had been playing outside in the snow with her sisters and just DID NOT want to come in, but I told her we were going to Guille's birthday party and were going to have cupcakes and fun. The party was fun, but what else would be expected when said party is put together by azu'car? Perfect for three-year-olds: balloons, cupcakes, balloons, candy canes, balloons. Ta-da.

Came home and Li'l ~j.'s Snow Party was well under way. What? You don't know about The Snow Party? Well, let me tell you, Li'l ~j. is quite the entertainer, always looking to throw a party, and I'm more often than not telling her no because I don't feel like dealing with it (something I've decided to change because I, myself, enjoy parties as well). So she, on her own, wrote out invitations, gave them to her Papi to make copies of at work, and then hand-delivered them to each of her friends two-and-a-half weeks in advance. Here's what the invitation said:

your invtided to a snow party
on December 23, 2003 and the time
will be at 11:30 a.m. We will be haveing them
Eat hot cholcet and then we will Be Eating
Macaroni and cheese the Party will Be
ending at 3:55 p.m.

Who would turn that down? Lucky for me, her refreshments of choice were things I can make with my eyes closed since I make them EVERY DAY.

The kids enjoyed some snow-playing, some macaroni-eating, some cocoa-drinking, and some Jumanji watching, but 3:55 p.m. came all too soon. I attempted a nap but it didn't really take, and Papi took all three of our girls plus Li'l ~j.'s schoolfriend to the bowl by the temple for some sledding. Nice time for Bubby and I to catch up on our DVR'd events. Also, Cathy brought me my jewelry, and I'm so pleased.

Upon their return, I noticed that something was amiss with Mocoface's face. "What happened?" Papi replied, "Oh, she kind of...bit it." Curly started crying and telling me about something, but I couldn't tell what she was getting at: "Are you hurt, or are you sad because Mocoface got hurt?" Curly whimpered, "Because Mocoface got hurt," and then her whimpers turned to wails.

I made a gourmet dinner of peanut butter sandwiches and jam sandwiches (they don't like both together; which would you choose?), and then headed to Macey's. Ran into Berta who looks FABULOUS for just having had baby #3, and also got a phone call from la yen who has a three hour layover in Salt Lake tomorrow, so guess where I'm going tomorrow morning.

I came home and my snow-playing babes were all fast asleep.

Merry Christmas to me.

~just as I was finishing this post, Mocoface woke from her slumber and was uncharacteristically whiny, and her eye was swollen almost all the way shut. I took her to the ER, and she had three x-rays of her face. She's fine.'s after 1:am now and she's awake. That's okay. Life's good.


Carina said...

I wondered where you went. ER (that makes sense.)

We had so much fun too. Afterwards El Guille kept saying, "Where's mocoface? Where is she?" The highest compliment is that "new dog" is hanging out with dog-dog.

David said...

Merry Christmas. I hope it's a good one for your family. May Mocoface's face recover completely.

dalene said...

I love that you're the kind of mom who lets her entertain.

And I love that the party ended at 3:55 p.m.

Hope Mocoface's face feels better soon and you all have a very merry Christmas!

Lyle said...

What a lovely, simple party. If only adult parties could be that easy to put together and pull off.

kiki said...

Rough snow rash! AYE!

I also chuckle that the party ended at 3:55PM. Is that a magic time or something?

Peanut butter.

Merry Christmas.

Tori :) said...

What a full day! Ya know, Isabel throws parties like that also. She'll hand out invitations to everyone!! :)
That eye looks like it hurts. :(

sue-donym said...

3:55 huh? I like her style. I once posted an annual mtg to begin at 5:23 p.m. Just to wake people up about being on time. Maybe she just wanted to make sure they all left on time.

Glad that Mocoface's face is ok. What did she think of the x-ray?

Merry Christmas to you all!

QueenScarlett said...

It's 1:24am here and enjoyed reading this... I feel all toasty for Christmas. I've been backing up photo files and wrapping some gifts, doing a last load of laundry and we watched Scoop with Godiva hot chocolate. I love Christmas EVE...the anticipation...the pause.


b. said...

Merry Christmas!
Glad faces will heal.....
I worked yesterday, there were other children who were not so lucky. It's gotta suck to be a kid in the hospital on Christmas, but I think maybe harder on the parents!
I woulda picked both and smooooshed 'em together!

Sister Pottymouth said...

Great post, ~j. I hope the eye heals soon. I can see myself as a child doing that "party ends at 3:55" thing. I was just like that. I still am. But don't let that scare you or anything.