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Thursday, February 02, 2006

i can spell punxsutawney

One time my friend Martha and one of Martha's friends and I got up really early and drove to Punxsutawney on February 2nd and saw the groundhog and all the men in the top-hats, but it wasn't like the movie because it was way out in the woods, not in the center of "town" and I remember that it was really cold and there were girls in bikinis and I thought, "How dumb," and then I thought, "Hey, look, KROQ is here, " and I knew what KROQ was because of my friend Matthew and then when it was all over we went to a local pancake house and I liked that part and then I bought a t-shirt and wore it to school the next day.


Anonymous said...

I remember you doing that and thinking how great it is to be young and able to just do stuff. Unlike that thought I had when you & Martha & a friend of yours went bungie jumping! Anyway, Uncle Jim & Aunt Bonnie were planning a trip there for this year but had a last minute change in plans. I was kind of glad because I wanted to go with them but couldn't (you know our crazy work schedules) Now we can plan to go next year and I will learn how to spell Puxatawny or is it Punxsutawney?

~j. said...

Who is this?

Anonymous said...

That is one of those things that you do because you can, but then you never have to do it again. Like going to see Big Ben! Booorrrrriiiiinnngggg!

Oh, this is bek but I was logged in under our super secret blog page name.....:-)

Anonymous said...

I like long sentences.

QueenScarlett said...

Did you, maybe just a little, want to bop the little groundhog on the head with one of those foam mallets at the arcade?

I just admitted I have been to an arcade in my youth... vegas baby...

Carina said...

What'd the t-shirt say?

Groundhogs Do It Better?
Punxsutawney is Punx Rox?
Beaver Falls: Ahead on Your Right?

Rachel said...

i somehow have a special spot in my heart for groundhog day and i have no idea why. it's one of those things that i always think i should make a big deal about just for an excuse to celebrate . . . and then it comes and goes and i didn't even realize it even happened. i think it's FAB that you have experienced the real deal.

and thanks for the phread link. always been curious. makes sense now. *(should i change my blog title to currently chi?)

~j. said...

Bek - I think I just read elsewhere (another blog) about how you should see Big Ben at some point in your life. Hee-hee.

jc - if you like long sentences, you should write them. :)

queen - no, I didn't even think that, which isn't like me... :)

carina - i'm pretty sure it just said "punxsutawnians do it better". not really.

chi - is that your nickname? i've seen people write that on your blog, but I don't know where it comes from. Let's get together (yeahyeahyeah) when you're in town!