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Friday, February 03, 2006

my pride has brought me low

Last night we took the YW who will be at girls' camp to SL to see the new movie. Let me first say:

HUZZAH!! to CK and Emmie for their roles in the film. Well done, friends. You both deserve more air time.

What a great film. Here was my first hint: they portrayed the dark part before the vision. No one ever talks about that part, and it makes the light so much more glorious. Cheers.

That being said...

I cried. I'm like that. I had that somber, on-the-verge feeling as we left. We got out of the show at 8:45, and we were in the parking garage for a good thirty minutes, trying to leave. I had in my car: a 13-year old, a 12-year old, and three 11-year olds. Upon leaving the city, we listened to the radio, and guess what song was on: Alice's Restaurant, which I rate up there with My Ding-A-Ling, and which I haven't heard since I was about 10 years old. Until...Arlo mentioned Group W, and I thought, "Mmm...not the right song for this audience." Off with the radio, and in with a CD...Katie's choice (she being shotgun) was Guster, of which she had never heard. During the second song, I was telling the girls about how sometimes I sing this one with my brother (who, for most of them, is a former PE teacher) when he plays his shows. (*note*: The reference in that last sentence is not in past tense because now that James and I are in the same state again, I hope to continue this activity.) At this point we were in The Carpool Lane, a little past Sandy, and it was very bumpy, so we moved one lane over. Just like the car behind us did. Before the lights came on.

"Ah, dang."

I pulled over, and the girls thought we had a flat tire. "What are we doing?"

"Uh, look behind us."

I started to gather the necessary documents and waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, Officer Peckerson (let's not embarrass the "man" by giving his actual name, shall we?) pounded on Shotgun Window. As I was rolling the window down, he yelled/demanded, "ROLL THE WINDOW DOWN PLEASE" Yeah, thanks. I was doing just that. "MA'M I'M OFFICER PECKERSON AND BLAHBITTY BLAHBLAHBLAH ARE YOU AWARE OF THE POSTED SPEED LIMIT HERE ON INTERSTATE FIFTEEN"

*thinking: Yes, and it should be 75 like the rest of the country*

"No, sir."


I took my time going through my paperwork, half because I didn't know what I was looking for and half because I thought this guy was being a jerk. Finally passed him the papers and he went back to his car.

That's when the girls started saying, "He had his GUN in his HAND!" "His gun was pulled." "Why was his gun out like that?" I explained that when An Officer approaches anyone, they will usually have one hand on their gun, which is in their holster, for safety. "He had it IN HIS HAND!" I immediately got visions of rumours flying around the ward & neighborhood about how The Cop Pulled His Gun Out And Aimed It At Jenny, etc., etc..

Little Man P. came back with his little form and told me to go to Sandy Court, call this number, and sign here. After I read the form (again, taking my time), I signed it. And then dropped his pen into the endless pit of despair that is the area between the driver's seat and shotgun in my van. "UH YOU CAN JUST GO AHEAD AND KEEP THAT" I said, "No thanks," and took my time finding the tainted pen. When he handed me the portion of my ticket, I said I had a question and he walked away. I yelled, and Katie yelled out the window, "Officer!" to no avail. So I got out of my car and just stood by my door, facing his car until he came back to talk with me. "Officer, as you can see, I have a group of young girls here in the car with me, and they told me that as you were talking to me, your gun was drawn. Now, this scared them, and I don't want any rumours about this situation, so would you please tell me, did you have your gun drawn?"

"MA'M ONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS PARTS OF MY JOB IS WHEN I PULL SOMEONE OVER FOR SPEEDING AND AS YOU CAN SEE (*I notice at this moment that he is dressed like a thug*) I AM OFF DUTY AND NOT WEARING A HOLSTER (*No, he is holding his gun, which is in a little protective pouch - like a purse - under his arm*) THERE IS NO WAY I WOULD HAVE APPROACED YOUR VEHICLE WITHOUT A WEAPON"

After our discussion, I will tell you the rest of the story. But for now, Dear Readers, how many things can you count that are wrong with what Officer Peckerson just said?


Anonymous said...

A gun but no holster? Did he bother to bring his badge?

~j. said...

FINALLY! Welcome, anonymous coward. Glad to have you here.

Yeah, a gun in its protective case (which may as well have been a ziplock sandwich bag), and I didn't even think to ask for his badge. Frankly, I was concerned with his pants falling down. Really, he was dressed all thug-y.

Bek said...

Why is an off duty officer pulling people over? That is just strange. I say fight it. BTW, if an officer pulls you over and he is NOT dressed in uniform and NOT in his car he MUST show you his badge (my second councilor is a cop, and he gives this speech to the YW every year).

You can tell the judge that your girls were scared b/c he didn't look like a cop and how were you supposed to know? For all you knew, a large man with a gun pulled you over and apporached your car. That is how serial killers work too! I'm just sayin'.....

Bek said...

Oh, and is this a new Legacy type movie at temple squre that you saw? I need to get back to Utah soon!

~j. said...

Fight it I shall. Thanks for that info, Bek. Yes, this is the one being shown in the Legacy Theatre, but it's not Legacy-type because...well...I thought Legacy was lamelamelame.

JC said...

I liked the sick Ox in legacy. He had character, and talent. He had me convinced he was sick...and an Ox.

dalene said...

Not only should you fight it, you should file a complaint against him for not following protocol. Aren't you glad you have witnesses? (by the way, I love how you referred to him as "little man P.")

Emmie said...

I told my hubby what happened to you, and he was appalled. He thinks you should file a complaint a few weeks before the court date, because if the officer knows about it, he might not show at court. (This is assuming Utah law is the same as it is here in CA - if the officer doesn't show, you automatically win.)(Don't ask my husband how he knows that.)

Thanks for the huzzah! I'm glad you liked the movie!

Lorien said...

why would he approach the passenger window? dumb little p.

I went with the RS ladies up to the show. And I must second your HUZZAH! Very well done. My favorite of the 3 shows. Not a single wiggly-headed villain, no huge stone columns bobbing in water after falling, and no glowy, backlit Jesuses staring at me during a poignant and introspective moment. Very well done, and now I wish I had known who to look for in the film. Now your pic might look just a bit familiar, emmie...

cabesh said...

Wrong, wrong, wrong...

We had a state trooper in our ward when I was growing up, and if he was off duty he would just pull up next to the "offender" and flash his badge. That usually took care of things.

Which reminds me, did he even have jurisdiction where you were pulled over? I'd check into that.

La Yen said...

Hi, I'm Debbie Downer:
1. State troopers have jurisdiction throughout Utah.
2. Technically, there is no jurisdiction in Utah if you are an officer and see a crime being committed. Most just are not that zealous and don't care.
3. Sandy city cops are THE WORST in Utah. They are all about the fines. Even though he pulled you over on the state highway, Sandy will get the fine. He will show in court.
4. A judge will most likely not throw it out of court just because you had a cotton-headed-ninny-moggins for an arresting officer. The dialogue will go like this:
"Well sir, he pulled me over and...gun...ticket...etc"
"Were you speeding"
"Yes, but I was going with traffic...."
"But you were speeding?"
"But he was in sweats"
"So you were speeding, then. $85."

(I used to work with our fine friends the officers, and I have been to many hours of traffic school.)
Maybe Orrin can get you out of it.

La Yen said...

Also, they approach the passenger window for two reasons:
1. Less chance of getting clipped by a freeway driver
2. Less chance of getting shot directly in the face by the driver.

~j. said...

I intend on paying for speeding, which I was. I have no problem with that. I do intend on filing a complaint against the guy, though.

La Yen said...

I would definitely do that. That Renob. Here's something to make you feel a little better--
The speed limit on EP freeways is 60. Most people do 50. When I drive 65 I am passing people so quickly that I have to check my gauge because it is as if I am going 100.

Carina said...

It is the limit, you know.

sue-donym said...

I wish I would have driven home with you. Some girls have all the luck.
By the way, this is your friend that "walked the line" with you on Sat. You mentioned your blog, so I just had to find you.
P.S. I have been to traffic school several times. It is always a treat, esp since I work with some of the officers there.

~j. said...

YAY! Welcome. I'm glad you're here.

sue-donym said...

P.S. I am a virgin blogger. This is my first day.
Am I old or what?