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Sunday, October 23, 2005

that was before

The blog world is getting smaller and more incestuous every day. Every day, I tell you. People that you may have wondered about for years show up on a friend-of-a-friend's blog and - woah. Seriously.

That is all.


: STEVE : said...

You and I are practically best friends (of friends). In fact, I see no good reason why I shouldn't be attending intimate family gatherings.

~j. said...

It's true. Welcome.

QueenScarlett said...


Need some advice on Disneyland - where is a good/economical place to stay? Advice on taking a 14 month old?


Anonymous said...

Is that our Steve? Queen Scarlett, on the 14 month old-- get a sitter. Seriously.

Bek said...

Queen Scarlett,

I just took a 12 month old. The biggest question is "will he/she sleep in a stroller?". There are some fun things for the babies to do, but it is nice to send them home for a nap and take some time for yourself. :-)

Jacob WILL NOT sleep in a stroller. We just pushed on through. We are lucky enough to have a stroller that he cannot escape from. :-) It was a stream of junk food to keep him quiet--but we all had a really good time.

Jenny--who did you find in blog world?

~j. said...

Mom - if by "our steve" you mean SJT, then the answer is no.

Queen - The best advice I can give is not economical, which is, to stay at one of the resorts. Staying there (Disneyland Hotel, etc.) means just a short walk back to the room for a nap, and during the heat of the day a quality nap is to your advantage to maximize your time there. The real experts are Jen Galan & Bek, but I will continue to think of things to help you out. Are you planning on going soon?

Bek - I found Steve.

La Yen said...

Queen--if you are not going to stay at the Disneyland hotels,I recommend any of the hotels that are listed as "main gate" on Expedia or other travel agency thingys. Close enough enough for naps, and they will all have a pool. Go for at least three days, and you will not feel bad about leaving mid-day for naps and shopping. Have the insane chocolate dessert at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Cafe in Downtown Disney. Eat a turkey leg at the park. If your girly is old enough, spring for a princess breakfast, because all of the characters will be there and you can get pictures out of the way

QueenScarlett said...

Jen E - I'm trying to convince my hubby we NEED to go there for thanksgiving. ;-) I have a friend who's going with her three kids... she has a daughter just 2 months older than mine. I tried to book one of the resort hotels... but they are full.

Jen G-I'm thinking the Hilton Anaheim... it's about 0.8 miles away. AND thanks for the chocolate tip Jen G...

Bek - good question... I have no idea... we've never been out long enough, not at nap time for her to figure out if she'll sleep in her stroller... but ours is a bugaboo frog so it can't get more comfortable than that. ;-)

Jen E's Mom - My hubby thinks it'll be way more work than fun with a 14 month old... but I want to try it. ;-)

Any other places not to miss, things to do, tips and suggestions appreciated.

Thanks all... sorry for soliciting advice on your blog Jen... I just new you and your amigas would know! I appreciate it!