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Thursday, October 20, 2005


Li'l ~j. & I are sick. We were up at 4-ish this morning, and she had a fever (101.2) and I a sinus headache. Now we share both. We feel like junk.

I remember when we lived at Wymount, before li'l ~j. was born, Christi Davis asked me to babysit her daughter Rebecca. She asked me because Becca was sick and I didn't have any kids to infect. Becca was so cuddly and just let me hold her the entire time. It was very pleasant.

Though it makes me sad when kids are sick, I have to admit I enjoy their willingness to cuddle and just have some down-time.

On a completely unrelated note, we don't yet have a costume for li'l ~j.. She wants to be a witch, but I think she wants to be a purple witch, and the only purple witch costume I know of is the adult-sized slut witch variety. We may have to go with black and just spray her hair purple. Because THAT'S what I need her to know about - spraying her hair different colors. Curly will be a purple kitty because the costume was $7.97 at Costco, and it's wonderful to listen to her practice: "Trick-or-treat, meow." Superstar will be either Blue (of clue fame) or a bunny, both costumes that we already have and happen to be in her size-range.

Last year Li'l ~j. was Harry Potter, Curly a bumblebee (anyone remember that shakin' booty???), and Superstar a pumpkin. Li'l ~j. was really into magic last year. She raised some money for a reading marathon last year and earned some items from Usborne Books. One of her choices was a magic kit (two of her choices, actually). One of my favorite memories of Li'l ~j. is of the day I picked her up from Kindergarten the day she received her magic kit. She was so pleased. I watched her smiling I'm-trying-not-to-smile-because-I'm-so-excited face as she opened the kit and held on to the wand, a black piece of plastic with white tips (which are choking hazzards because they come off). She looked at me, bit her lip, held her breath...and flicked the wand. And then she did it a second time. And again, and again, and again, until she yelled, "Mom, it doesn't work!!"


Carina said...

Ohohohohoh. I remember that utterly sad feeling of disappointment that only small children feel.

I was going to dress Will as a sailor until Jen decided that it was a.) boring b.) gay-ish c.) a waste of a perfectly good Halloween. I may still go for it, even if I have three perfectly good reasons not to. Four if you count having to make the get-up.

Will has only been really sick once, when he was 15 months, last April. He caught a really bad strep virus, probably on the plane back from a trip.
It was so sad, he just whimpered. I do admit that having him just stuck on me for a perma-cuddle was the best part of the whole ordeal.

I hope that you feel better by the time you read this.

Bek said...


We are sick at my house too. Lauren has a very bad cold. This is the second day out of school and I might actually go insane. She doesn't want to snuggle as much as follow me from room to room at my heels whining.

The only two times that Lu was sick when she was small involved projectile vomiting. I didn't think such thing acutally existed. Both times Derek was out of town (of course). That is the day we learned never to give a child Pedialite or Gatoraide w/ color. Why? Because if WILL come back up and it WILL stain the couch and carpet. :-)

QueenScarlett said...

That is so precious... sometimes I wish Harry Potter magic would work. Make chores so much easier... and traveling...

And... my baby is getting over a lovely stomach flu and... enjoying the torturous joy that is 4 molars at one time. I feel awful for her...

I read somewhere that Mom's are like really good Motrin for babies. That's the power we have for soothing them when they don't feel well.;-)

Anonymous said...

i remember when you were pregnant with em and rae was sick and it just broke my heart to even look at her. i don't like it when kids are sick. especially your kids since i have none of my own.

i'm not dressing up for halloween. sarah and i can never come up with something creative and exciting. any suggestions?

k love you bye.

La Yen said...

I liked the three-hole-punch version of Jim on the Office.

~j. said...

Beans, you and Sarah could go as any number of girl-couples: Paris & Nicole (dogs in purses), Kate & Allie (retro), Hilary & Condie, the Indigo Girls, Will & Jack, Karen & Betina, Amy Pohler & Tina Fey, Ellen & Anne Heche, Ellen & that hot model/photographer girl, Ellen & Melissa Ethridge...the list goes on and on.

wendysue said...

I hate being sick but I do remember the best part of being sick was snuggling with my mom and a little glass of 7-up with a straw and a heart shaped mold of jello she would make me. I also remember how much I missed my mom when I first got sick away at college.

Bek--I have another one to add to the do not feed to vomiting kids list. Blues clues push-up ice cream pops. (believe you me, if I'd had a blog back then, you would've seen the pictures.) Madison was about 3, and had just finished the push up. She was sitting on our bed and proceeded to projectile vomit on the bed and ALL THE WAY to the bathroom. I got her to the bathroom, then looked back at the pathway. OH my, bright blue throw up on my beige carpet. Lovely. I just started laughing. A few days later she asked me, "Mom, remember when I threw up and you just laughed?" It was priceless.

Anonymous said...

hello??? paris and nicole broke up. we were going to do that last year and didn't get our crap together in time. is em going to be a purple cat or a pihpiw cat?

Anonymous said...

It made me so sad and teary to know that the wand did not work. 5 is too young to have to deal with the disappointment of reality. I am sorry, Rae. If I had a magic wand that worked, I would give it to you.
You know what else doesn't work? Ginsu knives. I felt the same way.