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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

ensconced in velvet

Last Saturday evening, I was at the University Mall, on the phone with Monica. I fell into the Gap to see if any of the kids' uniform clothing might be on sale, and wandered over to the GapBody section of the store.

There it was.

The robe I've been coveting for atleast two Christmases (reflecting the true spirit of the holidays). I didn't know that it's called the Sherpa Robe. But I love it. "Monica!" -and I'm sure that I interrupted her, as I'm apt to do- "The robe I love! It's on SALE!!!"

Monica laughed and said, "Well, then, you HAVE to get it."

"I know. And I will. It's such a great deal!"

Then Monica said something about me definitely being my brother's sister. James and I subscribe to the idea that if something is on sale, it's worth buying. BECAUSE IT'S ON SALE!!! It won't be on sale forever, will it? And once it's on sale, other people will buy it and then they'll be all gone. You'd better get yours now before it's too late. It makes perfect sense.

Monica and Darin, however, know better. Do you NEED it? Can you AFFORD it? These details are trivial to the likes of Noonans (or used-to-be Noonans).

I've been wanting a robe for awhile now. My daily schedule affords that I shower after li'l ~j. has left for school and Darin has left for work, leaving Curly & Superstar to be babysat by The Backyardigans while I conduct my daily regimen: shower, paint my face, and dress. This ritual takes me, on average, at least thirty-five minutes, but after the shower stage, I need to run downstairs to make sure that no one is bleeding or sitting on anyone else's head. I don't like to do this in a towel because some of my blinds may be open and NO ONE, not even me, wants to see me in just a towel.

So I bought the robe. I went home, washed my face, got ready for bed and put it on. It's heaven. I went downstairs and Darin looked at me questioningly: "What's that?"

I smiled, "Merry Christmas to me from you!"

I've slept with it (not in it, but used it as a blanket) every night since then. It's unbelievably soft. I'm tempted to just stay in it all day, but that's not very professional, now, is it? Plus, if I wear it too much, I might start to let myself go and turn into that character played by Cheri Oteri on SNL (the old neighbor that yells at the kids, not the french whore). But that might not be too far off for me, because yesterday I bought the matching slippers.

What? I had a coupon.


Bek said...

I LOVE this story. I am from your line of "it is on sale and I might need it someday" school of shopping. The only thing better then finding a really great bargin (usually something you didn't know you needed) is finding something you really, really love and want on sale. :-)

How is the book coming? Is everyone ready to write something?


Wait--do your kids go to public school? They have uniforms? Lucky.

wendysue said...

This so reminds me of sketch Gallager does about women and sales (sexist but true, at least for me and you). It was ON SALE! We were gonna have to get it anyway, and look it was ON SALE! I saved us all that money (by buying something you save money??) Enjoy your new robe (I may have to stop by Gap to see it!) My favorite sale item? My leather jacket last year (reg. $199, sale $39.99!!!--I'll take two.) Ok, I only got one but I really wanted two! Wendy

~j. said...

I'm reading the book now (well, not NOW-now, you know what I mean), and it's fascinating. Anyone who has finished and is ready, go ahead and post on up.

My oldest goes to a Charter School. Public, yes. Uniforms, yes.

I've seen that Gallagher, and I know of what you speak. He didn't even have to say it - the ladies in the audience shouted it: "ON SALE!!"

I know the sale thing might seem like something typical of females, but let it be said that my brother, in addition to having the pro-sale mentality, also has more pairs of shoes than anyone I know.

topher clark said...

possibly post a pic of this robe?

More Caffiene, Please said...

I love that you said "Merry Christmas from you!" to your husband. I did the very same thing to 18 last weekend with the most fabulous jacket from Armani Exchange (you know, the "cheap" version) and told 18 "Happy Birthday to me from you!" B-day's 5 days before Christmas. But he made me put it up in the closet until said birthday. It's only a matter of time until it's luxurious sleeves find their way to me...

~j. said...

I, um... *embarrassed mumble* don't know how to post photos. But I always take requests, so I'll work on it.

I have lots of stuff in the closet just waiting for me and for Christmas morning. A happy birthday you shall have.

QueenScarlett said...

You sound like a shopping kindred spirit... love ROBES... it's that or running around naked and ... for the sake of my neighborhood... robes are mandatory.

The way I see it... MOMS deserve little indulgences here and there... toiling day-in and day-out. A little shopping nirvana is always due.

What are you reading?

I'm running the discussion for the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe for my book group next month... I'm on book 5... anyone have any websites with good discussion ideas?

Anonymous said...

your mom has more shoes than anyone you know

Anonymous said...

Great BLOG Jen! I'm glad you got the robe, don't worry about the pic-- they never do truly luxurious things justice. For your brother--do I have that many shoes?

Carina said...

Go to your dashboard, where you post new entries. Click on "Edit" next to the post in which you'd like to place a picture. At the top of the entry space you will see the font, bold/italic, and justification choices. Next to the spell check icon is a little picture. Click on this picture. A new window will pop up. Just like attaching a document to an email, you will be able to browse for the picture. Select the layout and size and then hit (I think) "upload." The window will refresh and you will click "done" to put it into your post.

If the picture is too big, or has a name that's too long, the picture will not show up in your post.

/end tutorial.

QueenScarlett said...

Because I do most of my shopping online... what color did you get? Did you get it for less than 59.00?

Sherpa Slippers:

Sherpa Robe:

~j. said...

Queen - White and white. Makes me feel clean. I think it was $59.00, maybe $59.50.

Also, I'm reading The Color Code by Taylor Hartman.

Carina - Thanks for the instructions. I may be calling you for further assistance.

: STEVE : said...

Christmas shopping is extremely easy for me. Every day new gifts from me to Hailey just show up under the tree. It's awesome too, cause i always get her EXACTLY what she wants.

Carina said...

We must have the same Santa!

Lorien said...

This is what my husband calls a weird deal. It's something similar to a strange coincidence, but "weird deal" (pronounced "wird dill") is much more fun to say. I will demonstrate:

scarlett--weird deal! My book club meets tonight and we're discussing Lion Witch and the Wardrobe.

There. Now you have been educated in a few of the finer points of "weird deal."

Rachel said...

i love the description of you showering with kids watching backyardigans (actually one of my fave nick jr shows--but i know that lots of other parents find it annoying!?!) and then running back to make sure no one is bleeding. this is MY daily routine too!!

and instead of "merry christmas from you to me," i just say "merry christmas from me to me."

~j. said...

I love that Santa.

Thank you, Lorien, for your lesson in Utahnics. I always learn so much from you.

Rachel, I love the Backyardigans. My new favorite thing to say is, "I'm Uniqua!" They are so much better than, say, Lazytown, which is the creepiest thing to come out of Iceland since Bjork. Yesterday the Backyardigans sang a song that included the word "baloney" (yes, that's how it's spelled). Brilliant. They had me at baloney.

Lorien said...

Always glad to oblige. Maybe another time I'll fill you in on "breve lang".

~j. said...

Uh, I don't know what that means. But do you pronounce that last word "lan-guh"?

QueenScarlett said...

Lorien... how did the discussion go? Any notes or info that would be hepful to leading the discussion? ( Gratzie in advance. And... I keep trying to pronounce Werid Deal... and I just sound retarded.

: STEVE : said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lorien said...

nope. soft g. breve lang. rhymes with sleeve slang. It's short for abbreviated language. I'm sure you haven't heard of it. Maybe I'll blog about it.

Scarlett-The LW&W discussion was pretty good. We talked mostly about the symbolism in the book. You know, there were the basics like Aslan=Christ, Witch=Satan or evil in general, atonement, Edmund=everyman (my take, anyway) but there were also some I hadn't thought of like the stone table where Aslan was sacrificed=law of moses (10 commandments)--it broke when he died=law was fulfilled. Some interesting things to think about. The discussion leader found her stuff online, I think, so I'll see if I can get a link for you.

La Yen said...

Speaking of book clubs, how do I get to our book club?