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Saturday, November 21, 2015

20 - Katie

For the month of November I’ve decided to post each day about a person or people who have influenced my life for good. There’s no way I could include each and every person in one month or even one year, and for that I hope you’ll forgive me. This year, especially, has brought an acute awareness of the kindness and generosity which surrounds me and my kids, so here’s one attempt at giving thanks.

20 – Katie

Katie is sunshine.

Dancing with Katie is one of my favorite things. So is laughing with Katie. She has an honest and open heart.

We met in the show two years ago and had seen each other on occasion since then, but this year we’ve seen each other more often and I’m really grateful. We went to Lagoon (like we’re children) and we go to Zumba, and I love how generously affectionate she is. She has clear and loving perspective and is a kind friend.

She works at a school and I know she’s wonderful with kids; I bet they just love her.

I walk away from every encounter and conversation with Katie feeling more positive, more sure. She gives so much of herself and I’m grateful to be a recipient.

Thanks, Katie. I love you.


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