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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Music

As I write this it's Christmas Eve, and I'm waiting for some people to fall asleep so that I may proceed with the 'Some Assembly Required' that will inevitably keep me busy into the wee hours. Meantime, I'm alternating watching Christmas movies and listening to holiday music and thought I should share some with you.

A few years ago I gave up Christmas music. Purposely didn't listen to it at all during that one season. I had just had it, and if one more person who thought they should be singing O Holy Night opened their mouth, well . . . I just wasn't in the mood. But over the last few years I've revisited Christmas music, classic and current. I keep adding to my now-almost-2-hours-long Christmas playlist on Spotify (which I've shared for you below -- please enjoy) and it's been on shuffle at home and in my ears while I've been at the stores. 

There is one song I'd like you to hear, though. It's the one song -- THE ONE SONG -- which got me Feeling Christmas this year. I had seen other such claims attached to youtube videos on facebook and such, which claims didn't hold for me, but this? This is it. It made me excited for Christmas, excited for music, excited for the advancement and progression of music played at church Christmas parties. 

It's not even three minutes long, please enjoy it. 

Cheers to my friend Morinda for sharing the video on her facebook wall - it's her sister who is singing. Her name is Katherine Nelson. 

Happy Christmas, happy day of family, happy celebration of peace on earth to you all.

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