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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

My Birthday Wish

Hi it's my birthday hi! - on Sunday! (I'll be 36.) As a rule, I don't like to ask for things but with it being my birthday, I'm making an exception.

As you may know, this year I'm a Champion & Mentor for the United Nations Foundation's Shot@Life Campaign. We work to advocate and raise funds to ultimately bring life-saving vaccines to children around the world. It's a global health issue. These are kids whose mothers are desperate to not have another of their children pass away from a preventable disease. They want the vaccines. And we can make sure they get them.

$20 saves a child's life

$20 gives a child a shot at having more birthdays, a shot at education, a shot at all that life has to offer. And that same $20 saves a mother from a broken heart.

For my birthday, I'm asking you to donate on our Utah Shot@Life page. (We have a goal for this year of $10,000.)

Click here.

This Birthday Girl thanks you!


Emily said...

I'm a gonna copy you on my birthday 'cause you's smart and all. (I need more sleep...obviously.)

Kim said...

Happy birthday my dear friend. I just donated so one more Mother doesn't need to know the pain of losing her child.
I love what you are doing here - you are inspiring my love.

~j. said...

Emily - I love that you'd copy me. (My other birthday wish is for a nap, copy that, too.)

~j. said...

Sweet, sweet Kim - thank you, dear friend. Hugs to you, always.

Anonymous said...

Now I may not be able to donate but I will help spread the word! Great cause for sure!