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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Listen To Your Mother Northern Utah

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Guys, I have something really exciting today. More exciting than a dog. Round up your stories and thoughts and write 'em down and practice reading them out loud because Listen To Your Mother is coming to Utah!

Wait - what? What is Listen To Your Mother? I'm glad you asked. Here, some questions and answers (and then more important information and thoughts about why this is such a big deal):

What is LTYM?

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER features live readings by local writers on the beauty, the beast, and the barely-rested of motherhood, in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Born of the creative work of mothers who publish on-line, each production is directed, produced, and performed by local communities, for local communities.
Do I have to be a mother to participate?
NO. Write about your mother, write about a grandparent or another person who raised you. Write about your desire or difficulties becoming a mother. Write about single-fatherhood. Whatever you write, as long as it’s your authentic story and a tribute to mothering, it should be appropriate for auditions.
Do I have to be a professional actor or writer?
Absolutely not. Everyone has a story, and LTYM wants to hear yours. You don't have to be a blogger either. Anyone can audition. We all have a story. ALL of us. We want to give Mother's Day a microphone!
Is LTYM an open mic? 
No. Each LTYM is audition, directed, produced, and rehearsed with professional production values, creating a well-crafted and memorable theatrical experience.
How can I read in an LTYM production?
LTYM13 productions are slated for 24 cities across the country. Auditions will be held in Provo March 9th from 10:30-1pm and then on March 14th from 6-9pm. They will be held in SLC on March 16th from 12:30-6pm. Contact Heather at to secure your audition time. Auditions consist of each participant reading their submission in a private setting. Meaning, they don't have to read in front of other people.

Sounds awesome, right? You're right, it is. Add to that the fact that only 24 cities were chosen this year, and that presenters get NATIONAL ATTENTION and, yeah, it's a pretty big deal. Those in the show will have their monologues be on the national YouTube channel and featured on the Utah page on their national site, meaning much attention for years to come.

The show will be May 9th at Thanksgiving Point and tickets will go on sale soon (like, end of this week).

Now, that's all the Information-information, but now let me get a little personal with you. Utah has a lot to offer in this arena, and I'm looking forward to the event because I know it will be powerful. And if you are reading this post, YOU have a story to tell. Auditions begin this week, so please consider auditioning or letting someone you know who should audition know that they should audition.

That being said, and stay with me here, when I first heard about LTYM years ago I thought it wasn't for me. Doesn't make much sense, right? Well, truth be told, motherhood is so intensely personal for me and something I hold so dearly and seriously that I didn't want to consider making myself vulnerable by sharing my deepest feelings about the topic. So, what changed my mind and got me so excited about this opportunity being available in Utah? I'll give you two examples right here:

Please enjoy these Listen To Your Mother: Los Angeles 2011 presentations from my friends Jessica Bern ('One and Done') and Kristen Howerton ('The Trauma of Sports'):

(for those with sensitive ears, here's your swear warning for the tail end of Jessica's presentation; still, I hope you'll watch it)

For more example of past presentations, please visit the Listen To Your Mother site.

So, what do you say? Will you audition?

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