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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just Dance 4

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Today's the first day of Thanksgiving break, and we, as we usually do, will be staying home for the holidays. Typically our Thanksgiving break goes like this: Wednesday is a day of the kids each asking to go to different places because THEY'RE BORED (the answer is always no because we're Busy Getting Ready For Tomorrow); Thursday is a day of cooking and accepting the kids' "help" until they get BORED and then cranky because they can't go play with friends because It's A Holiday And We Stay Home As A Family; Friday means Mom recovering (napping) from early Black Friday Shopping, and the kids helping Papi put up the Christmas tree and other decorations until that becomes too BORING; Saturday is a typical Saturday (BORING), as is Sunday, and then they go back to school on Monday.

What I'm saying is that I love having my kids home but I get annoyed when they get mad at me because they're bored.

This year is going to be different. I know it will be because it already is.

Not long ago I received a copy of Just Dance 4 in the mail. When I opened the package, my son grabbed the game from my hand before I could even think to try to hide it and save it for Christmas morning. Much to my delight, however, Just Dance 4 is being used, I'm not exaggerating, EVERY DAY.

When the kids -- all of them, ages 13, 11, 8, 6, and 4 -- are home, they don't want to watch television or a movie, they ask to play Just Dance 4. And as much as I love to dance, I have barely played this game at all because it's being played by the kids. (Though I probably will have to on Thursday so I can burn some extra calories after Thanksgiving Dinner.)

Even though we have lost a couple of our wii remotes, the kids love the songs enough to dance along without technically playing. Check it out:

And as much as I love watching my kids dance in front of the game, the bonus prize from having them play so often is that my kids not only know the names and lyrics to all the songs but they also do the dances any time they hear those songs -- in the kitchen, in the car, wherever.

Ready for some holiday shopping? Just Dance 4 can be purchased at Amazon or Toys-R-Us (if you please).

Will you be Just Dancing (4) this year?



Carina said...

I have been wondering if I should buy the Wii with the just dance 4 bundle, and I think you've convinced me!

CKW said...

I believe we have one of your wii remotes over here because our sons are playing it here when they aren't playing it there.

Just Dance went right to the top of our Christmas list. Anything to get a break from the same 4 songs on the Michael Jackson Experience (which we also love, but can't handle on repeat. Any. More!)

April said...

Cuteness overload! Dang it, 4YO is adorable!

I did notice this game on Amazon and was hesitating. But it would be nice to do something warm and active inside this winter. You and you're 4YO have charmed me into purchasing it!

The UnMighty said...

Yours are the kinds of kids they make movies about because they just have to dance.
Well done.

Jamie Moesser said...

I've loved Just Dance 2, particularly because it has a "just sweat" mode where I can burn some serious calories while having fun dancing. I'm TOTALLY a closet dancer. I'm considering getting either Just Dance 4 or one that's all hip-hop songs, since those are the songs I enjoy dancing to the most.

jyl @momitforward said...

Jenny... I think your dream job would be choreographing dances for Just Dance. I can see you on the screen now!

Can't wait to try it! And to hear your high score.