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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Happy Tuesday!

It really is.

Back in September, when I was attending the Social Good Summit at 92Y in New York City, I learned about Giving Tuesday. The idea began, literally, at a kitchen table when some friends were discussing The Giving Season, which is exactly what we're in right now. We just had Thanksgiving, where we express our gratitude (and for many, gratitude has been our focus for this entire month). Immediately following Thanksgiving we had Black Friday, where we score awesome deals at stores. Yesterday was Cyber Monday, where we score awesome deals online.

Let's review: Season of Giving = Being Thankful + Getting Great Deals?


Not all of us can afford to give as much as we'd like to during the holiday season. Our intentions are good, but the means just might not be there. Enter #GivingTuesday.


 There aren't any set rules, other than this: Give. Give of your means. Money, if you've got it. Time, if you've got it.

To learn more, get ideas of how to give back, and see all the great people and companies behind this movement, check out

If you're Giving Back today (or any day, really, that works for you to be your own #GivingTuesday), I'd love to hear about it in the comments. 


Jani said...

Jenny asks this? This from one of the best examples of giving back! Jenny you inspire us all! And yes, giving back can be as simple as a compliment or a big toothless smile!

~j. said...

Jani, I LOVE that you mention a compliment and a smile. Really, it helps!