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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Uganda Trip Day 2 (I think)

Wait, what day is it?

I've landed in Amsterdam, and met up with LaShaun, Nancy, Jen, and Cindy. Heard that Maggie missed her flight, and we're waiting for Tina and the others; there should be nine of us in our group. (edited: Tina was already in Uganda)

The flight from Seattle was nice, in that I had an aisle seat, and the window seat next to me was empty. I didn't sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time. I watched an episode of Parenthood, as well as The Iron Lady and The Hunger Games, in that order. When we landed I was surprised at how foggy it was/is here.

When I turned my phone on I saw that I had a text message from my 11YO; the message consists of eight red angry face emoticons followed by eight crying face emoticons. She's the one who phones to check up on me when I'm out of town. This trip won't be easy for her. I hope everything's okay.

I'm going to go walk around since I have to sit for another ten hours.


And now I'm in Uganda.

The flight here was fine but super long, and not enough water was offered to drink. I'm thankful I didn't get overly dizzy, and I did get some bursts of sleep.

We arrived at 11:pm, so the drive from the airport to the hotel was in the dark. Looking forward to tomorrow.

The Kampala Serena Hotel is awesome so far, lots of security and maybe the nicest room I've ever stayed in. Room service? Toasted cheese and tomato sandwich and a salad, please. In-room entertainment? KimPossible. That's right.

And now it's about 1:45 a.m. so I'm going to go to bed. Looking forward to the meetings tomorrow.


La Yen said...

Kim Possible. That is your new name.

Emily said...

I was going to send you 13 sad faces and then 26 happy faces to represent how sad I am I'm not there with you but how happy I am you get to experience such a wonderful adventure.

And don't knock Kim Possible--it's better than a lot of other options. ;)

CKW said...

Oh, Schipol airport. I got lost there so many times :-) Tell me you picked up a cheap pair of wooden shoes and/or some amazing cheese and chocolate before you got back on the plane. ;-)

Kate said...

Why didn't you buzz the attendant and get more water? Or you can go to the galley in between and get some there.

Also, I like Kim Possible. She can do anything. And one of my life long celebrity crushes is the voice of Ron Stoppable (the brother on Boy Meets World...I don't know why, but I think he's perfect).

I can't wait to hear about the rest of your adventure!

Living the Scream said...

I am so excited for you! What a long trip ro get there, I cannot wait to hear more.

Leanne said...

So happy you're there now. Can't wait to hear about everything you're doing.

Paul said...

I just started following your amazing journey! Definitely something to tell the grandkids about. No doubt your kids will miss you, but I would pay twice over for my wife to participate in this adventure. It definitely provides a deeper perspective on life when you have these type of life experiences.