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Friday, October 12, 2012

#NYC12 (the last part of the August trip)

This is the third of three posts about the trip to New York City I took in August with my 13YO daughter
Here's the first part
And here's the second

Monday morning I had a difficult time helping my daughter to get up and at 'em, but when she did we made our way via subway to South Ferry and walked over to Battery Park to stand in line for the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. I had purchased a CityPass for each of us online, so we picked up our physical booklet at the Statue of Liberty venue. (I think the CityPass is worth the money if you use, say, four out of the six options; we only used two, sadly.) We stood in line for a little under an hour to get on the crowded ferry, and to be honest the two of us were kind of cranky. I hadn't eaten breakfast, which is a huge no-no for my mood and such. Even so, we did our best to enjoy our surroundings.

American Merchant Mariners Memorial Sculpture 
- you can look at this while in line for the Statue of Liberty 

 American Merchant Mariners Memorial

Once on the boat we welcomed the breeze and - here's something - did you know that the Statue of Liberty isn't on Ellis Island? It's on Liberty Island. Ellis Island is different. How did I not know this until I was 35?

We're on a boat!

Seeing the lifejackets was very comforting to the 13YO

We opted to not get off the boat on Ellis Island and instead went back to Battery Park. We took a bus to the nearest Shake Shack (on which bus I may or may not have cried; WHY do I ever think it's okay to skip breakfast?!?) and refueled. After lunch, it was tricky to catch a cab to Hoboken because sometimes cab drivers say they "don't go there," so it took a while, but we were able to make it to New Jersey.
 li'l bit a-scared in the Lincoln Tunnel

We stood in line (across the street at the CVS) before finally making it in front of Carlo's Bakery. We were only in line for about 20 minutes, much quicker than the last time I was there

The cakes were pretty. I was super excited to try their crumb cake. I'm still excited to try it - they were sold out. We made do with eclairs and cream puffs.

13YO was eager to see one of Buddy's family members. They weren't anywhere to be seen, but she was sufficiently freaked out by this lifelike cardboard cutout.

alley behind the bakery - for pranks

We took the subway back to New York (uh, by the way, DO THIS INSTEAD OF TAKING A CAB if you're interested in things such as saving about $40) and headed right to the Empire State Building.

I wanted to listen to the entire audio tour at the ESB (Nerd, I know), but 13YO had a bellyache or something, so we headed back to Hailey's. That night brought a rousing round of Watch The Olympics With Hailey And Ben -- best laughs of the summer.

Our last day in New York brought a lovely surprise. My cousin Sara, who lives in Indiana, was in Brooklyn, so she took the subway to Manhattan to meet Hailey and me for scones and tea at Alice's Tea Cup while 13YO babysat Hailey's twins.

Girlfriend made an owl using only my jewelry - she's so creative! 

Babysitters who paint nails are the best kind

On the wall at Alice's Tea Cup 

  With Sara in front of Levain Bakery, our cousin Lori's favorite 
(Lori lives in Florida & was a missionary in NYC)

That afternoon it was time to say goodbye. We caught a cab to JFK and, like you do, we ran into a family from my childhood. Ellie was my early-morning seminary teacher. We were on the same flight to Salt Lake. OF COURSE WE WERE.

Ciao, Ciudad!
Of all the pictures I've taken, this is one of my favorites. Ever.


La Yen said...

"Had a bellyache or something." And thus you describe, perfectly girlhood from 12-17. One day, can you and I go and eat all the things and take all the pictures?

~j. said...

I couldn't take that bellyaching.

Trip with us eating all the things? I'm counting on it.

Emmie said...

This is my formal request to make a guest appearance on your trip where you take all the pictures and eat all the things.

Emily said...

That last photo is one of my favorites too. Absolutely beautiful.