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Monday, August 27, 2012

late summer update


I've been so overwhelmed with how wonderful you all are, with commenting on my Shot@Life post for #Blogust. Really! Over 600 comments, so, over $12,000. THANK YOU! And way to go! (And here's a secret: you can keep making comments there until the end of the month!)

This summer has been amazing and incredible and bittersweet and unbelievable. I'm a traditionalist, though, and summer doesn't officially end until Labor Day, so I feel like I can't write about the summer en total until Labor Day (or later). Only one more week left to wear my white skirt!

Say, that reminds me: do you wear white pants? I've wrestled with the idea for months, but never indulged. What say ye?

And has school begun for you? Three of my kids have started school, and all the extracurriculars are underway. More structure, more schedule, more sniffly noses. How about for you?


Naomi said...

It's childish, I know, but I still chuckle when Americans say pants! As for wearing white clothes, I just can't trust myself...I'm far too clumsy!

~j. said...

Not pants. Trousers? Is that the right word?

Naomi said...

Trousers is correct in my world, pants means underwear! (Cracks me up every time!)

~j. said...

Ahh! Well, in that case, I've worn white pants for years.

Naomi said...

Ha, me too!

bids2calvin said...

I have always had a pair of white liner trousers because I love them. I just don't touch the children when I wear them. "Children, mommy can't love you today. I have chosen white over you." :)