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Friday, April 06, 2012

Uh, that Trombone Lady?

A while ago, I was at the Ha! Factory and this woman stood up and declared that she had Had Enough of all the inappropriate humor (which is so popular with The Kids These Days), and was going to start her own all-women comedy troupe. I have to admit I was pretty impressed with her drive, so I found out her name (Gracie Moore) and got a flier for her comedy troupe auditions.

I mean, why not give it a shot? Well, I auditioned and had a great time (green ukulele, gum, and all) but unfortunately didn't make the cut. It's okay, though - and that's not my point today any way.

YouGuys, you should have seen this one woman who auditioned. She was in a wheelchair and playing a trombone. I'm sorry, did you hear me? She was in a wheelchair and playing a trombone. Following her audition, Trombone Lady found out she didn't make the cut, and she refused to leave, making a huge scene. It took Gracie about three or four minutes just to get Trombone Lady to stop yelling and embarrassing herself. When she finally left, she sort of stormed out, crashing her wheelchair into another woman who was also there auditioning; this poor woman (who got plowed by the wheelchair) had all her jokes written on recipe cards, bless her heart, and the cards went flying, sending the woman scrambling to the floor to collect them (pretty sure they were out of order when she picked them up). Meanwhile, Trombone Lady still insisted on making a spectacle, even during her exit, screaming the whole time about how she was way funnier than everyone else there, and if she didn’t get in then this comedy troupe was going to fail and be cursed, and some other nonsense.

I sort of feel bad for having unkind feelings about an older lady in a wheelchair. But only sort of because she was crazytown.

I’d already heard rumors about how someone might be out to ruin the success of the troupe, so I sent this over to my friend, Emily, because if I had a guess of someone who’d want to sabotage the troupe, it would be Trombone Lady.


Kazzy said...

This seriously sounds like an episode on some sitcom! Funny stuff. Plus, you should have made the cut, even if you weren't playing a trombone!

lisa.berente said...

way to correctly say ukelele! (:

lisa.berente said...

way to correctly say ook-elele! (: