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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

5 Awesome Things

1. On the day I turned 35, I wore size 8 pants.

2. Megan was on the television and won a contest. Duh. Of course she did.

3. I'm the mom of an almost-teenager.

4. This:

5. I found this on the iPad:


Kazzy said...

I totally LOLed at the iPad find! I love her confidence. And she has your adorable face too!

Naomi said...

Those ARE five awesome things! (I tried cake bites on my trip and only shared one, they were so good!)

Lisa said...

Those ARE awesome!

Mrs. O said...

Number 5 is one of my favorite things ever.

Emily said...

Those are five SUPER fabulous things, but SUPER yay for #1 because I know how hard you've worked (and are still working). You look AWESOME! (What else can I say in caps?!?)

The Atomic Mom said...

The singing....excellent. I vote we sing all hymns that way from now until forever.