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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Words With Friends

I recently began playing Words With Friends on my phone because, you know, I needed one more thing. In case you don't know, Words With Friends is Scrabble on your SmartPhone, but on your own time. Sometimes minutes go by between turns, sometimes days. Waiting for your reservation at the restaurant? Play your turn. You get it.

I don't do well with board games because of pressure to perform (win), but I can deal with Words With Friends. I've even pulled out a few surprising moves, notably: the word 'oilseeds' (because it's 8 letters); the word 'brazil' played for 111 points, and a few days later, the word 'coddling' for 119 points. I don't think these are things I could have done sitting at a table in an on-the-spot manner.

The game has a feature which allows players to make comments back and forth to one another, but it's a flawed system: I have yet to repeat my comment even once, to say nothing of the nineteen times my phone makes it seem I've done. Also: when you finish a game, I'm pretty sure each player is asked if they'd like to begin another game because I play with about five people and I've got a couple dozen games going on...not that I wouldn't love to play more.

Do you play?


Emily said...

Of course you know I love playing...and I love oilseeds...but only if it scores me 119 points.

And I'm assuming the whole flawed comment system is why I comment but have yet to see a reply. It's like I'm talking to myself. ;)

Unknown said...

I thought I was going crazy with the comment totally happens to me, and happens when people comment back to me! Totally annoying. BUT I love the game, and there are a couple of similar ones like it that I like too!

Cindy Swindell said...

Addicted to WWF. Have never had a problem w/comments. In fact one friend and I have conversations during games. My highest score was JEEP for 108 pts. Love it!