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Monday, June 13, 2011

dental blogging

Last week I had a bit o' minor oral surgery, connective tissue grafting on the lower left side of my mouth. The tissue was harvested from the roof of my mouth, then the gums were pulled away from the bone and tissue was put in place. I'm hopeful that the grafts will take. There were sutures on the roof of my mouth, which felt weird but not as weird as when they fell out on Saturday (it was supposed to happen that way). I also have stitches on my gums, which will have to be removed next week. I'm taking some mild medication for the pain, and enjoying soft foods as well as cutting up small bites for the right side of my mouth to savor. It's a good thing I love soup so much.

I never had braces. People think I have because my teeth appear to be straight, but I've got a ridiculous amount of dental problems, and I find myself wondering how many of them would have been avoided by having had braces. I suppose it's one way to comfort myself as we prepare to get braces for one of our kids, which will happen very soon, and it's a good thing because I didn't know what I should do with all this extra cash we've got laying around here.

Because of my mouth being sore I've been taking a break on talking, which is a very interesting thing to do. I thought that perhaps my thoughts would be racing more wildly, but my mind has actually been rather calm. Maybe it's coincidence, but it's interesting just the same. Sometimes my thoughts race and I think I should blog about every single little thing that comes into my mind, and sometimes blogging is an outlet for when I'm emotional, but it's usually when I'm more peaceful and organized in my thoughts that I can put out a post (not necessarily great, but a post at all). This all leads me to my question for you:

When is it easiest for you to blog? Time of day? Time of year? Busy, or not? How does blogging fit into your life, on a practical level?


Anonymous said...

Blogging fits perfectly into all the spaces in my life when I ought to be doing something else.

Emily said...

First, OUCH! Hope everything heals well and those grafts take hold. Second, OUCH. Braces are awesome for the budget. I had three in braces at one time. Extremely painful. Third, no rhyme or reason to when I blog, though it's mainly done at night because the house is quiet and I can finally think straight!

Naomi said...

Wow, all that work sounds painful! I hope it doesn't take too long to heal. We have a child due to have braces in the coming year and I'm once again thankful for the NHS: free dental care for under 16's!

As for blogging I do it as and when the notion takes me. When I'm quiet it's usually because nothing more exciting than laundry and cleaning is going on!

Unknown said...

Dental work sucks! I am sorry. Braces for our little girl over here too!

I recently went on vacations, and thought I wouldn't blog all week. Well, the nights came...and I was sitting in a hotel room by myself. It was perfect to collect my thoughts every night. So my perfect time is when I have nothing else to do.

La Yen said...

I am finding that I only blog when not pregnant or when I don't have a kid under two in the house.

Mrs. O said...

It comes and goes in waves for me, and fall/winter seems the time I post the most.

I hope your mouth gets less hurty speedy quick.