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Monday, June 20, 2011

sometimes I'd like to chuck it into the lake

I like owning a laptop. It's so helpful and convenient.

But there are aspects to owning it that I simply don't understand, which frustrates me to no end. Such aspects include: how to fix it.

I don't have many websites that I visit regularly; just a handful, really. One of them is youtube, though, and at least weekly, my blood pressure begins to rise when I get this message:

Perhaps more frustrating are the initial options: Reload page (resulting in the screen freezing again for WhoKnowsHowLong) or Submit a crash report (which helps with absolutely NOTHING).

So I take a deep breath and go to my control panel and Uninstall Stuff and Download Latest Versions, but that only works some of the time, which is not a reliable enough percentage to result in my satisfaction.

I get suggestions and advice from my outcries on twitter, and even phone call walk-throughs from the most patient of my friends.

Here are my questions about the situation:

~ Why is this happening so frequently?
~ What can I do to prevent this from happening so frequently?
~ Should I be taking my laptop to a doctor for checkups or something?
~ Are you a laptop doctor? Or do you know one?
~ Where can I learn more about laptop maintenance and such?

Will you teach me?* I'd really, really like to learn.

*I also have questions about my external hard drive, photo resizing, getting rid of the stuff on my computer that I don't use/need, and Mary Murphy's face. Can you help me with those, too?


Carrot Jello said...

I suggest you enroll it in defensive driving school.
That should help to keep it from crashing.

Emily said...

I wish I could help with your laptop issues, but feel free to ask me any WordPress questions! ;)

JC said...

You should post your laptop specs.

Mrs. O said...

I like to use Picasa to resize my photos because you can do them in large batches. WHen you export them, you can choose the option to save them as a different size (I like to use 800 pixels).

Mak said...

We use a program called shrink pic. YOu install it and it automatically resizes photos you upload or attach to emails. You can set the specification. I love it - super helpful with blogging and emailing pics. Dave might be able to help with some of the other stuff, if you want. He's a computer nerd and obsessive about getting rid of stuff that you don't use on your computer...

~j. said...

Carrot Jello - excellent suggestion. I shall check my yellow pages.

~j. said...

Emily - you've always been so helpful with WordPress! Yet, I'm sure i have a billion more questions about that, too.

~j. said...

JC - I have no idea what that means. Actually, my assumption is that it means height, weight, and color. My other assumption is that i am wrong in my first assumption.

~j. said...

Mak - I shall look into that shrinking thing. And as for Dave's help? Yeah, that would be great!

~j. said...

Mrs. O - I've heard of that one, I shall check it out.