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Friday, December 10, 2010

on music lately

My friend Allison told me that Justin Bieber said that he's "the Kurt Cobain of this generation." Oh, Biebs. Where were you while we were getting high?


I can't stand Katy Perry. I remember watching her guest judge on American Idol and thinking, "What a poser." Possibly what I dislike the most is that some of her songs are ridiculously catchy and I find myself singing them all day long.


Same with Rhianna. I'm always singing along with that girl.


I like the music on House lately.


There is a song out right now, and it's the coolest song that's been out in a while. Some are critical and say, "They're just trying to sound like Prince," to which I reply, "And what on earth is wrong with that? O that more artists had that ambition, WE SHOULD BE SO LUCKY." And to those who have heard it and thought, I really like this song! It sounds like Prince, who is this? I have your answer: The band is OK Go, and the song is White Knuckles. Might wanna blast this one while you're wrapping presents this weekend:

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Kalli said...

I not so secretly love Katy Perry...

plaidspolitics said...

OK Go is awesome!

jane maynard said...

"oh, biebs" is right. goodness.

Emily said...

OK Go's videos are some of our favorites! Saw this a few weeks ago and the song still plays in my head. Did you know they're playing in concert downtown somewhere tonight? Don't think it's The Depot...but maybe it is. Hmmm....

~j. said...

Kalli - please teach me. Tell me what to love.

plaidspolitics - they impress me at every turn.

jane - can you believe it? Sheesh.

Emily - yes, it's X96's annual Nightmare before XMas show at The Complex.

Fig said...

I also like the Katy. And Rihanna. And even the Biebs, just because I can still remember the teen heartthrob crazy so clearly (it was Kevin of Backstreet Boys for me), and it gives me warm fuzzies a little bit to see how much the tweenies go nuts for him.

That OK Go song is fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

hairyshoefairy said...

I couldn't agree more about Katy Perry and Justin Bieber.

Something I love about OK Go is that not only is their music great but they always have such cool, innovative videos to go with.

Wonder Woman said...

I'm with you. Can't STAND Katy Perry and hate myself for singing (dare I say *liking*) Firework.

OK Go is (are?) so fun. Love their music and concepts.

Petit Elefant said...

We should be so lucky. About Prince I mean.

And Biebs is contagious. I hate the bazooka out of that kid but his songs are in my head constantly.

dalene said...

I know. I want to hate Katy--because her lyrics are awful. But they stick in my head for days. And I did kind of feel sorry for her getting the boot from Sesame Street.

But I cannot bear Bieber.

And I grew tired of House.

But I'm such a nerd--I'm totally loving The Sing-Off.

LKP said...

now THAT was awesome. have liked ok go for a while, but had not seen this vid. totally amped up the fave roster in my book! :)
agree 100% about katy perry...even my 13 year old can't stand her! anytime her music comes on the radio, my daughter's the first to immediately change the station or request we change the station. it's amazing how many parents aren't bothered by her, her attire, OR her lyrics. kinda ticks me off since its our job as parents to be on the look out for that crap and to protect our kids from it.
on the beibs topic, while running concessions the other night, one of the other 8th graders that's friends with my daughter was sitting with me and i asked her if beibs was still cool in her book. she said yes. i asked what she thought of his new acoustic album and she said "i think that it shouldn't be out there. justin has a place in this world and that's with cool beats and such. he's not good enough for being completely acoustic." out of the mouths of babes, folks! :)

QueenScarlett said...

I adore OK Go. They are brilliant. Their videos always rock my socks off. ;-)

I refuse to dip into the Bieber craze. I simply don't get it. Cobain? So the kid's gonna pull a Cobain? I wasn't into Cobain either. No entiendo.

Also... Katy Perry... hate her...but her stuff is so shallow and catchy... it requires no effort to sing.

MediocreMama said...

Rihanna is okay to like because 1. she is gorgeous 2. her thighs are big like mine and 3. umbrella-ella-ella, eh, eh eh...

The only thing about Katy Perry: Great boobs. Sigh.

Justin Bieber is going to get what's coming to him. Probably before he hits puberty, too.

And the only song I know from House is the opening one because it's from one of my favorite bands.

I will have to check out OkGo. You had me at "sounds like Prince."

Carina said...

Katy bugs me. Meh.

I heart OK Go.

And the Biebs? Heehee. His songs are so catchy it's stoopid. I'm currently blasting the Kanye West remix of Runaway Love. He's not the Cobain, he's the NSYNC Timberlake of his generation, the NKOTB of his generation, the David Cassidy of his generation.

{natalie} said...

Uh maybe I shouldn't tell you I secretly like the firework song. It is just so danceable!

Jen said...

What a fun video! Thanks for sharing.

sue-donym said...

I love dogs. And a couple Katy Perry songs. Who is this Beiber you speak of?

And isn't that Justin Hackworth in the video?

Amy said...

Love the Ok Go video - thanks for sharing.

Also, I love Katy Perry's songs and it makes me sad the California Girls video starts out so innocent and just isn't. It makes it hard to like her but her songs are so stinking catchy.

Steph said...

I am pretty sure I will fight Kalli for Katy Perry... she was my girl crush first.

Melody said...

Wrapping presents. Blasting. Thanks.