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Saturday, November 06, 2010


You've heard of Sassy Scoops, right?

Of course you have.

No, it's not an ice cream shop. They're a group of women who review local (Utah) businesses and services so that we can find out what we REALLY need to know when we consider where to, you know, spend our money.

Because of their partnershipping (what? I can make up words) with said locals, they're able to offer special deals, discounts, and even have giveaways.

I'm writing this post because it will get me some extra entries in a giveaway I want to win. The prize is a gift certificate to a store I'd never heard of, and to be honest, probably would never enter if it hadn't been for the Sassy Scoops review. A children's boutique? Okay, maybe. Melissa & Doug toys? SIGN ME RIGHT ON UP.

The store is called Oopsie Daisy. I'd like to go there and take a look around, wouldn't you?


Emily said...

Jenny, you will LOVE Oopsie Daisy! Though it's more a once-a-year store for me (all the budget can handle), I still love it. Such cute stuff and their Melissa & Dough magnet sets are already our go-to toy for Sacrament meeting. ;)

vanessa said...

Hey if you ever do come down call me! I live 5 mins away.

~j. said...

Emily - I'm such a fan of Melissa & Doug stuff, I'm always impressed by it.

vanessa - You got it! It would be fun to meet up there.

Camille said...

That place makes me baby hungry! I hope you win the giveaway! :)

Quinn said...

You will LOVE Oopsie Daisy... sending some good news to your inbox RIGHT NOW. *wink*


~j. said...

Camille - Baby hungry, eh? I'll have to be careful in there!

Quinn - THANK YOU!!! I'm so excited! Thank you, thank you!