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Sunday, November 07, 2010


Visiting teaching is much more than a visit or sharing a thought with a sister.
It is how we connect with one another.


On Wednesday night I wasn't feeling so great, so I put in the order for crackers and ginger ale. That night brought little sleep and lots of interruption. On Thursday morning I was afraid I wouldn't be able to complete my carpool duties without at least one stop at the side of the road to hurl. I phoned my friend L.Mo at 7:something in the morning, and she answered with a smile in her voice, "Hello?" I told her I was ill and asked her if she would mind driving that morning. Her reply was that nothing would make her happier.

L.Mo is one of the other carpool moms, which is the main reason I thought to ask her, but she is also my visiting teacher, and I feel comfortable asking her for help in that capacity. She has always been so kind and helpful.

After the kids had made their way to school, there was a knock at my door. I shuffled to the front room and cautiously opened the door to find L.Mo standing there with brightly-colored, sweet-smelling flowers. I invited her in and we chatted for a while. When she left, I went into the kitchen and cracked open another can of Canada Dry.

No appointment was made. No formal lesson or message was delivered. Sometimes it just happens like this. She likely had no idea that I'm having a very difficult time right now because one of my friends passed away unexpectedly last week and I've been feeling lonely, but because of her genuine concern, I felt better that day. I felt exactly what I needed to feel: the warmth of friendship.


L. Mo said...

Thanks ♥

Semi Granola Mom said...

I have to agree, L.Mo rocks :D One of the cooler people in our ward /neighborhood.

Jasmin is where she is in dance because ms L Mo told us about where her daughter's went, so that is one of a million things I am grateful for about her friendship :D


cabesh said...

Will you come speak at our visiting teaching conference in Feb? This is exactly the idea I want to get across to my sisters.

~j. said...

L.Mo - thank you.

C - Yes, it's nice to have kind, real people around.

cabesh - Count me in! And then I'll tell everyone about how, if you're assigned to be my companion, you'll end up moving away.

{natalie} said...

i am sorry to hear about your friend.

i am glad you have someone you can count on and that can be a good friend to you. i hope you are feeling better soon. it stinks to feel crappy.

i am grateful that i have visiting teachers who still come see me even though i don't come to church anymore. (and a partner who still goes with me to see others) women need other women in their lives and i know my neighbors better b/c of VT. thanks for this post jenny.

Emily said...

This is what I love best about visiting teaching--and perhaps what I'm better at (the non-appointment, non-scheduled stuff). Can I thank L Mo too for taking care of one of my favorite people? :)

~j. said...

{nat} - thanks. I've been wanting to talk with you, but we've been missing each other at our usual meeting place. I'm going to need a copy of your work schedule. ;) You're a good woman, Natalie.

Emily - Oh, that's nice - I'll have to pass along your thank-you. I bet you're a great visiting teacher to have.

lisa said...

I'm so sorry about your friend...
Can I do anything for you?

~j. said...

Thank you, Lisa. What can you do? You can forgive me for not calling you sooner to go out on that dessert date we've been planning for what seems like years. I'm thinking next week would be perfect. What do you say?

lisa said...

No forgiveness necessary...
And next week sounds heavenly. :)