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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Foxy Blunt

I don't remember the first time I saw Foxy Blunt greeting cards, only that it was love - and laughter - at first sight. Love for the style -- just look how foxy:

And laughter for the specificity and honesty:

Their website best describes the philosophy behind Foxy Blunt:

"Simply put, Foxy Blunt is a new line of greeting cards that deliciously fuses bold designs with devilish humor...

They are not for the faint of heart, nor for those who genuinely tear up at phrases like “reach for the stars.” They remind us to not take life – or ourselves – too seriously. They let us say we care without gagging. And most importantly, they give us the freedom to be witty without sacrificing our killer style."

Awesome is learning about the cards.
More awesome is acquiring them.
Most awesome is giving them away.
(I can only imagine the level of awesome in receiving.)

Imagine my excitement in receiving a boxed set at the Social Luxe Lounge party in NYC in August. I did one of those "SQUEEEE!" things I keep reading about but never actually do.

Imagine my delight in making contact with Danielle Caro, Foxy Blunt co-founder along with Jennifer Morrison, finding that she is all kinds of awesome and eager to let me give away not just one but TWO box sets to you, my readers.

Before we get to the giveaway, I just have to share one more thing with you (as if you needed another reason to adore this company):

Imagine the impact when I learned of a new card available as Foxy Blunt uses their power for good in partnering with the Young Survival Coalition (YSC) to raise money to . . . well, here, have a look:

October, which is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is practically upon us, and 50% of proceeds from the sale of this card go directly to YSC. I asked Danielle to tell me more about the motivation to be involved with YSC, and the quality of her answer is something I cannot duplicate, so here, her own words:

"The story behind our partnership with them is a simple one: Jen and I are both passionate supporters of breast cancer research and have unfortunately been the frustrated bystanders as someone close to us prepares to battle it. After standing helplessly by struggling to find a way to support, to empower (and watching someone close to us be unexpectedly diagnosed with ovarian cancer at just 25) we decided to create a card that will not just raise money, but will also act as support for those affected. It uses our signature humor to bring a smile to the face of someone recently diagnosed, and to underscore that they have the strength to beat cancer. We decided to partner with the YSC specifically because those women need a voice – they are underdiagnosed, undertreated and underacknowledged, yet more and more women under 40 are diagnosed with breast cancer. Our entire line is really about giving women a voice and saying the things we all want to say but don’t, so to us this was another opportunity to do that for a group of women who really need the attention. We’re donating 50% of the proceeds directly to YSC, so the more cards we can sell, the better! The card will be available for purchase October 1."

Incredible. I love this company.

And now, without further delay, let's get going with this amazing giveaway from Foxy Blunt.

This giveaway begins today (9/16/10) and ends on Friday, September 24th, 2010, at 11:59 pm MST. The winners will be announced on Monday morning, September 27th. The winners will then have to contact me via email so that I may pass along their shipping information to Danielle of Foxy Blunt who will then ensure that the box sets are mailed.

Each of the following is worth one entry:

~ Follow this blog via Google Friend Connect (or let me know that you already do)
~ Become a fan of ("Like") formerlyphread on facebook (or let me know that you already do)
~ Follow me on twitter (@formerlyphread) (or let me know that you already do)
~ Follow FoxyBlunt on twitter (@FoxyBlunt)
~ Become a fan of ("Like") Foxy Blunt on facebook
~ Visit and leave a comment on this post telling which card is your favorite
~ tweet about this giveaway, including in the tweet: @formerlyphread, @FoxyBlunt, and a link to this post *this entry may be done and counted once daily*

For each of the above tasks, you must let me know you've done them in the comments section of this post (whether in one comment or one comment for each task, you choose).

Two winners will be chosen. One winner will receive the Everyday Box Set, and the other winner will receive the Friendship Box Set.

***Disclaimer: As a VIP guest of the Social Luxe Lounge Party I received a boxed set of Foxy Blunt greeting cards. Even so, I was/am under no obligation to write about this product. I just really, really dig it. And that's why I write: to share with you. I was not paid money for this review.***

Thanks, Foxy Blunt! Good luck, everyone!


CKW said...

I'm a little nervous being first :-) Lets see, I already 'follow' and 'like' you and now I also like foxy blunt on facebook. I haven't gotten hooked on twitter yet. The 'marriage is forever - 46% of the time' card just about made me spit my drink across the room. Fun cards :-)

April said...

1) You and I are already BFFs on Facebook. Or at least Effs.
2) Of course I follow you on Twitter. Who wouldn't?
3) I just tweeted about your giveaway 39 seconds and counting ago.

For reals, I liked the cancer card. I don't like overly sentimental cards. Foxy Blunt is all sorts of sass and heart.

Amy Hunter said...

Ooo, ooo, I so want these! I swear I'd send you one too! I've been a friend on facebook for a while, and now I'm a fan of Foxy Blunt! Love them, love you!

leschornmom said...

ummm... don't put my name in 'cause I'm horrid at sending cards (as in I always buy them but never get them sent) and some one who'll use 'em should get 'em!
But I DO LOVE that cancer card!!! I would have SO sent that to a certain friend in her time of need, had I seen it when she needed it!!!!

roxanne said...

Ok, these are seriously fabulous! I follow you, and my favorite card is "You have my heart. You break it, you buy it." Haha!

{natalie} said...

i love you on FB

i follow your blog

and i really love sending mail.

and breast cancer makes me think of my grandmother.

Kim said...

I like you on FB. And I follow you. And I like Foxy Blunt on FB.

(I'm on a roll!)

I think my favorite card on the Foxy Blunt website was "With Deepest Sympathy." And while it didn't make me "LOL" it did make me "SQTM*".

*Smirk quietly to myself.

La Yen said...

I did all of those things. Give me all the entries.

And I like the adios sex card. Or the love and hate. Don't judge me.

kacy faulconer said...

SQUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Maybe I'll just buy some, since I won the pants. (This is a test of fate.)

Anonymous said...

So excited to see this give away! Love the foxy blunt girls!! I already follow them on fb & twitter. Now I also follow u on fb & twitter. I'm starting to sound like a stalker! I'm going to make sure & tweet away so my friends cam see this giveaway for sure!

I love the good luck with that card! Really they're all great & I plan to order the cancer cards too!

Michelle said...

Crap! That anonymous entry was mine. I need to become more computer literate. Sorry!

La Yen said...

NO KACY, NO!!!!!

Fig said...

I'm pretty sure I already like you on FB. Will double-check.

I follow your twits.

I liked Foxy Blunt on FB. (FB on FB!)

And seriously, these cards are awesome. LOVED the one I got to see today.

Fig said...

I also like adios sex and get well, you're a mess.

But I think "I love you, lucky bastard" is the best.

Amy said...

These cards are all so beautiful and some of them are very edgy. Love them and I want to send the "bitch slap cancer" one to my sister in law.

Suze said...

I follow your blog
I like on facebook
I follow on twitter. :)
Cute cards!

Jenny said...

Let's see...
Of course I follow you on Twitter.
I like you on FB (and everywhere else).
I'm your Google minion.
I followed @foxyblunt.
I liked Foxy Blunt on FB.
And I'm seriously tempted to get the "Happy Holidays Ho" card when they release it. Only for certain people, obviously. Like my mother.

Joel R Wallin said...

I already follow you on Twitter, and am going to Facebook now to "like." I am also thinking about what my Mom's face would look like if I gave her the "bitch-slapped" cancer card. I think it would be worth the disapproving look I might get since it does express my feelings about her current remission.