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Monday, August 09, 2010

my own john hughes film (aka, single ladies at sparklecorn at blogher10)

Saturday night, one of my dreams came true.

I was in New York City, and the sessions of BlogHer had come to a close. Parties were being held, however, I had not registered for any of these parties. My friends kept talking about attending a party called Sparklecorn, a party for which I had not registered due to the description including something about unicorns and sparkles. Even so, I found myself wanting to attend due to hearing someone say something about DANCING.

Here is where I mention that I simply walked into the party without having registered. (oops?)

It started out simply enough: a dance to Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'. After that, I was in. I danced for hours - H O U R S - straight, it was a fantastic time. Some friends and I made it to the stage for dancing near the DJ. Speaking of The DJ, he was the best I'd ever heard, and I told him so. We did chat for a bit about music, and finally I did it: I requested that he play Single Ladies.

"I just played a Beyonce song not too long ago."

"I know, but will you play it later?"


As you may or may not know, DJs can be jerks and liars when it comes to requests. I know this, and I think this DJ (wish I would have gotten his name!) knew I know this. After a while of more dancing, I approached him again.

"Single Ladies, remember?"

"I don't think I have time, I'm supposed to end at 11." He showed me his watch. 10:47.

"You can do it. Prettiest please? Really, really, please will you play it?"

"Yeah, sure. I can do that."

"You will? Great. Can't wait." I hopped off the stage to finish off Dancing Queen, and then waited.

Finally, for what I knew would be the last song, Single Ladies began.

I started the dance. You know the dance.

People started to notice.

Those people nudged their friends and pointed my way.

A circle formed around me.

Before I knew it, people were clapping along, and cheering - CHEERING - for me.

For me.

I get a li'l weepy thinking about it.

When the dance was finished, people screamed, people were hugging me and high-fiving me and asking who I am. One new friend, Lisa Stone, introduced herself. She happens to be the CEO of the BlogHer network. She was very impressed with the dancing.

"Are you a dancer?" she asked me.

"Sort of. But that? That's the result of hours in my family room, with my kids and YouTube."

And after that, I went to another party and did it AGAIN. It wasn't nearly as good the second time (I was running on fumes by that point, almost six straight hours of dancing), but awesome just the same.

Now, to answer your questions: No, I don't have a video of it. Or pictures. And if/when I do get them, I will likely post it/them here, don't you worry.

The second best part of that night? Seeing all the tweets, not the least of which includes:


LKP said...

way to murk & kill something!
apparently i haven't lived, cause i don't think i've ever murked or killed ANYTHING....beyond flys and spiders. =) way to go woman!
very very proud of ya. if there are pix & vid, we definitely need to see them here for sure! way to go white woman from utah! lol.

(p.s. i WAS a DJ and you're pretty dead on about it. we don't want to be jerks, but we kinda have to keep to whatever client agenda we've been given. but kudos for staying on 'im...that's the way to get heard is to keep after 'em.) glad you had fun and shut that place down!

Holly said...

I need to see this dance sometime!

amy said...

I'm so sad I missed you because I heard you were AMAZING!!! Dancing with you was so fun and I can't wait to see "Single Ladies" with you doing your thing.

mel said...

I missed all of Blogher, but heard this was the highlight of the weekend. Can't wait to see the video.

huny said...

you were incredible! me and all of my friends were talking about you for hours after that. it was SO unexpected. I'm glad I witnessed it and glad I got your card so I could include your twitter name in that tweet!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

The world is such a better place thanks to YouTube - I wish I could have been there to see it!

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

Noooooo, I'm such a loser that I left before the dance! I'm so lame! I promise to witness it next time. When are we going out, up to SLC for some dance fever?! Soon.

Congrats on the tweets and cheers. You rock!

jenijen said...

I only saw the second performance and if that was the less energetic one than I'm even MORE impressed now than I was before, if that's even possible. WOW.

So nice to meet you!

Shar said...

Booyah! You're the bomb!

April said...

Will keep my fingers crossed for video!!

Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

I witnessed The Dance.
It was spectacular.
YOU were spectacular.

Lisa Stone said...

What Lisa Page Rosenberg said. No kidding I asked whether you were professionally trained!

I'll keep hunting the video, you starlet. Honestly, would love even more to see a video you dancing around the kitchen with your babies...

So fantastic to meet you Jenny.

~j. said...

LKP - Thanks for the compliments! And for the DJ validation. I know they have a job to do. The guy at that party was seriously fantastic. Wish I would have caught his name.

Holly - You will. Pretty sure. Soon.

amy - Thank you! Dancing with you was so, SO fun.

~j. said...

mel - Really?! You heard that? Video to come shortly.

huny - You and your friends are my new favorite. Thanks for being SO supportive. Y'all made me feel like a Rock Star!

Megan - Yes, thank goodness for YouTube! (It's my own new MTV -- where else can we watch videos?!)

~j. said...

Marie - You, my friend, can have your own, personal dance performance. (bonus: Jazz Hands!) Yes, YES, dance fever in SLC, Let's.

jenijen - Welcome! Yes, the 2nd one had some major goofs in it (of course, since I know how it should go, right?), but it was still a blast. Great to meet you, too!

~j. said...

Shar - You are. I have a feeling you & I would have a blast if we went dancing together.

April - Your fingerk-crossing is working. Very, very soon.

Lisa Page Rosenberg - Thank you. Really. I'm glad you were there.

Lisa Stone - The video exists, we're just trying to figure out how to turn it so that it's right-side-up. As for the kitchen-dancing...I'll see what I can do. Meeting you was my pleasure, Lisa. Thanks for your support & encouragement.

Susan said...

so very sad that i missed it. will you teach it to me?

Naomi said...

Looking forward to seeing the video! Glad you got to dance the night away!

Aunt Minnie said...

Love it Jenn, dancing is just in the Noonan family that is all there is to it. I wished I could have seen this. Someone had to have taped that for you to post. Please I want to see it!! Love it Jenn. Love Aunt Minnie

liz said...

You were great! I was in the circle cheering you on!!!!!! It was super amazing!

Rita Arens said...

I don't know what murk and kill is! But I'm so glad you had your magic moment.

~j. said...

Susan - you know I will.

Naomi - thanks! It was such a fun time.

Minnie - You are right! I love dancing with the Noonans. I just put the video up...enjoy!

liz - thank you! I'm glad you were there.

Rita - thank you! It was magic.

@cosmicgirlie said...

You are Legend. I can not remember the last time I saw anything as brilliant as you on that dancefloor dancing to Single Ladies.


Steph said...

I love you. That is all.

Tauni said...

How in the heck did I miss this?! I pretty much think you totally rock :)

the Lola Letters said...

Oh wow! I would have KILLED to see that action go down!

I want to go dancing now.