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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

me & famous people - the game! (NYC edition)

I mentioned the other day that I had some famous people stalking to do, and indeed, I Got Right On That. Rather than telling you, though, I'll show you. And here's the fun part: in the comments section, identify all 15. If you do, you win. Answers will be posted tomorrow.

















1. Elmo
2. Mrs. Potato Head
3. Dora & Boots
4. Robert Verdi
5. Pillsbury Dough Boy
6. Gabrielle Blair (Design Mom)
7. The Guy at 53rd & 6th
8. Ronald McDonald
9. I had no idea at the time. Consensus is: bunny from a video game.
10. Lizz Winstead
11. Randy Harrison (working for BlogHer, SUCH a nice man; fly dancer)
12. Snape (my boyfriend)
13. President Obama
14. Security detail outside of Carlo's Bakery (maybe named Buddy)
15. The Jonas Brothers (nice sweat, me)


ash said...

1. Elmo
2. Mrs. Potato Head
3. Dora & Boots
4. Robert Verdi (I cheated here)
5. Pillsbury Dough Boy
6. Gabrielle Blair
7. Soup Nazi (?)
8. Ronald McDonald
9. Creepy Bunny Thing
10. Chevy Supermodel
11. Randy Harrison (at least that's what is on his nametag)
12. Severus Snape
13. Barrack Obama
14. Carlos the Security Guard
15. The Jonas Brothers

I obviously did better with the fictional/cartoon people.

Fun game! Can't wait to hear about more NYC. Do I win a Formerly Phread shirt?

La Yen said...

I love that Urban Threads Killer Bunny.

Also, is Design Mom wearing 37" heels?

Kalli said...

Saddam Hussein works at a falafel stand

I knew he wasn't dead...

that dress in #6 and 7 is SMOKIN!

Christi said...

You always DID trust Snape!

alexis said...

i don't know who like three of those are, so i'm not going to try because i don't like losing. but i'm happy to see that you don't have any strange phobias of standing next to grown people dressed like furry crazy people.

Rynell said...

My toddler is mauling the screen to get to Elmo.

Matthew said...

I thought you said famous PEOPLE...

Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

You are SO flippin' A-List.

Carina said...

I feel like if I answer it will be cheating.

Camille said...

The only one I know is "The Situation" in #14 although it threw me off since he's wearing a shirt! :0)

Jenny P. said...

I am so embarrassed that the only ones I knew for sure were the ones that were cartoon characters.

wait... there was one in there, he's the president, right? And my daughter was here to shout out The Jonas Brothers! So I knew that one too.

(finally visiting all the blogs/bloggers I met at the CBC. What can I say. Baby has kept me busy!)

sarah k. said...

Did the Prez get mad when you pinched his butt? He seems pretty easy-going, but...

Naomi said...

You have a fabulous smile!

Emily said...

Question is, who followed you home and who do you get to keep? ;)

Carrot Jello said...

1. Elmo
2. Mr. Potato Head
3. Dora
4. Robert Somebody
5. Pillbury dough boy
6. Some kind of guru
7. Either the soup nazi, some guy that has the hots for you, or your date asking you what you'd like to eat
8. Ron Howard
9. idea
10. A Chevy dealer
11. Randy
12. Satan
13. An anorexic
14. The guy from N.Y.P.D. blue
15. The Osmonds 2nd generation

Kim said...

Yeah, you just forgot a picture with me ;) heehee!!!

You are awesome and I love your sweaty self.

~j. said...

ash - a formerlyphread tee shirt! Now there's an idea...

jen - Prolly. Also, I was wearing flats.

Kalli - thank you! That dress was waiting for me at BR right before my trip.

Christi - see?!? Always.

alexis - barely a phobia about it.

Rynell - Aww... Elmo's taller in Real Life.

Matthew - welcome! Those are my house.

LPR - don't i know it.

azu'car - Did you know that bunny thing?

Camille - Ha! Awesome.

MommyJ - I didn't even know all the animated ones! How's your baby?

sarah k. - he loved it. (shhhhh)

Naomi - why, thank you!

Emily - Oh, just the treats from the bakery. And my memories. *wipes tear*

~j. said...

Carrot Jello - That is one fantastic list. I think you may be the winner.

Kim - WHYYYY didn't we get a picture?!?! You're so beautiful.

Judi said...

How pathetic am I that I know who/what #9 is.....and we own 3 of the Wii games?!?!?

It is a Rayman Raving Rabid.

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

My kids were mad I didn't get a pic w/ that rabbit. I thought it was a little scary for me.