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Monday, June 28, 2010

Evo Conference review

"Bloggers have conferences?"

You'd better believe it.

After having been a speaker at CBC, I looked for another opportunity to be involved with a conference, and as luck would have it, Evo, The Evolution of Women in Social Media, was being held locally, specifically in Park City at The Canyons Resort. I'm very fortunate to have been selected to be a volunteer at this conference. What a trip.

Sadly, I forgot my camera.

Luckily, I think I might be the only one who didn't have a camera, so, with the photographers' permission, I'll just share a few gems with you.

As I took notes during one of the sessions, Casey of Moosh in Indy took these close-ups. I didn't know if I should be typing during the photo, so I just kept it at Home Row, y'all.

My necklaces were quite the draw during the conference; many came up to me to see just what they were all about.

The closing party at Park City Mountain Resort was sponsored by Bush's Best Beans, and featured Real Live Cowboys who assisted in tying yellow bandanas for people just so. My older girls took advantage of the photo booth. Take one . . . almost. Let's try again.

Mmm . . . not quite. Take three?

There it is.

Also, there was a girl teaching line dancing, and four of my children took advantage of this (um, apparently my kids enjoy the country music?). Urban Bliss captured a photo of my kids. Can you spot them?

. . . more pics to come!


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

okay okay... those pics are so awesome that were taken of you and your kiddos. HOw fun!

That after party rocked didn't it? :)

Geo said...

Your chickens are looking a little ZZ Top there.

La Yen said...

I want a 5x7 of the mustache trio. Stat.

Also, I want some baked beans.

Shar said...

I LOOOOVE your necklaces.

Love the 'stache's!

krista parry said...

Love the pics of kids dancing at Park City Mountain Resort. Glad you enjoyed the closing party. We wanted to help close out the awesomeness of Evo with a bang.

Come back and visit Park City Mountain Resort soon!

Krista Parry
Park City Mountain Resort

rachael said...

Great post! Loved the necklace shot - Lisa Leonard is fabulous! See you soon!

Mommy Niri said...

could the kiddos look any cuter or those necklaces look any more cooler?

Naomi said...

I suddenly want to grow a mustache...

Mrs. O said...

Beautiful necklaces and awesome 'staches. Sounds like a great weekend to me.

Steph said...

Oh my adorable kiddos. I love hanging with you for a bit at the conference. You really are amazing and beautiful.

Cecily R said...

Can I just tell you how much you totally ROCKED on that ride up to the slide and zip line? I probably would have puked if you hadn't been there to help me hold Evie in that little car thingy.

LOVE the 'stash pics of the kids. Makes me sad that I didn't stop to get some with my grubby shoeless kids too.

Oh, and P.S. Your necklaces ARE pretty fabulous.

Samantha Johnson said...

Hi Jen! I was the one (together with my husband Robert) who was standing behind you at the ZipRider and getting all scared. I was great to experience that with you and connecting with you up there! Excited to start following your blog :-)