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Thursday, June 24, 2010

(don't) be a stranger

The July 4th Holiday Season in Provo is spectacular. Of all the activities available in Provo for next weekend (headsup! that happened fast!), the one I can recommend most (yes, most) is for you to make every effort possible to attend the opening reception of Justin Hackworth's '30 Strangers' Exhibit.

Feast your eyes:

I attended this very event last year and was struck by the beauty, the stories behind the faces.

Here, let me share some of the official information with you:

Utah Photographer Justin Hackworth '30 Strangers' Exhibit to Benefit Women’s Shelter

Utah photographer Justin Hackworth took 30 portraits in 30 days. His work will be part of Provo's gallery stroll. Donations from sitting fees for mothers and daughters donated to the Provo women's shelter.

Provo, Utah – June 17, 2010 – How did one Utah photographer and 30 strangers team up to help local victims of domestic violence? Find out when art and activism come together at a downtown Provo gallery on Friday, July 2. Featuring the work of Justin Hackworth, the “30 Strangers III: Portraits of Mothers & Daughters” exhibit will raise funds for the Center for Women & Children in Crisis.

For the third edition of Hackworth’s 30 Strangers Project and fund raiser, the fine art photographer shot portraits of 30 sets of mothers and daughters, some spanning four generations, over 30 days.

“I want people to realize how many women and kids we serve. The center can’t afford to advertise, and relies instead on word of mouth to reach both potential donors and women in need. Our shelter is about women who are fleeing domestic violence, who have to just grab their kids and run.”

“At the shelter, people are in crisis, and life is not good. I want them to see mother-daughter relationships that are in a good place. I’m definitely taking some of them to the show, to see how things can be—that things can get better.”
- Shelter manager Kim Kowallis who hopes the show also boosts awareness of the Center’s mission. Kowallis says the exhibit theme suits the Center’s message of hope

“Over 30 days, I shot portraits of 30 people I didn’t know,” Hackworth says. “That experience was fascinating, so I wanted to do it again. But it really became more meaningful when I focused on a theme that could give something back to the community.”
- Justin Hackworth, fine art photographer

Exhibit begins at 6pm and takes place at 26 West Center Street, near the corner of University Avenue and Center Street in Provo, Utah.

Many of the subjects came from all over the country to be photographed: including Washington DC, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston, Portland, and Denver.

Participants were selected at random from over 400 people that asked to be part of the project.

In lieu of a sitting fee, each donated to the Center.

During the show opening Hackworth is offering the same arrangement to raise additional funds for the shelter.

Additional gallery hours
July 3 & 5 12pm – 8pm
July 6-9 2pm – 5pm

See portraits from the past exhibits by going to

Hackworth's blog can be found at:


Did you see the point made up there? Let me repeat: During the show opening Hackworth is offering the same arrangement to raise additional funds for the shelter.

That's right.

If you didn't get a chance to be a part of this year's '30 Strangers' you can still help the Center and get the opportunity to spend some time with Justin.

You want to do this.

I did this last year. Here's my favorite shot from our session:

Start out your patriotic celebratory weekend by getting all artsy and support a worthy cause while you're at it.

About Justin Hackworth
Hackworth is a portrait and Utah wedding photographer whose work has shown at Salt Lake City’s Art Access and Finch Lane galleries, Park City’s Kimball Art Center, and the Springville Art Museum, started the 30 Strangers Project in 2008.


vanessa said...

I am coming and bringing my hubby.

Geo said...

What a beautiful image of your and your son.

the Lola Letters said...

I LOVE that shot of you and your son! Just beautiful. I donated and got a mother/son sitting last year and I absolutely TREASURE the beautiful images Justin captured. He has such a gift.

I'm so there.

(and so going to Guru's for sweet potato fries afterward...)

(and SO going to the little fair across the way to get fried tiny doughnuts after that...)

It is going to be my favorite night of the summer - I just know it! ;)

{natalie} said...

i'll be there, hopefully i'll see you.

Holly said...

AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing!! =D

Shar said...

What an awesome picture of you and your Bubby!

nakedjen said...

my mom, my sister and my niece participated in this last year. and the photos were really lovely.

i love that he does this. it's just beautiful.