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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Alright, reader-friends, I'd like to know:

What is there to do in Las Vegas?
What's your favorite?
What's to be avoided?
What would YOU do if you were there?
(Maybe you already are there...)

Let me hear it.


Deena said...

Whatever you do, don't accept handouts from people on the street, and don't look at the ground near those people. It might burn your eyes out.

compulsive writer said...

trader joe's.

it's lifelong dream of mine (not really lifelong, just since they built it) to stay at the bellagio. but since i can't afford that i console myself by enjoying the free walk through the indoor gardens or sitting on the bench in front of the fountains and watching the show.

i like sitting under the underwater ceiling in the shark reef at mandalay bay and secretly wishing i were at sea world (i don't care what they say about those places i have loved them since i was a small child).

i really LOVED watching my kid play in the byu marching band at the Vegas Bowl game. despite the ferocious wind. (go cougars!!!)

if i were there this weekend i would love spending time w/ some of my favorite people. i hope they have a great time!

Gerb said...

I hear there are these machines there where you put in a nickel and it comes back out with a bunch of friends.

Sounds magical, if you ask me!

Sassy Salsa girl said...

Fremont street, go after dark. Its about the only thing I enjoyed when I went to Vegas the last time I went.

Emily said...

We don't go very often but I have friends who swear by the premium outlets. Great deals on some great clothing! And yes, don't look down at the ground or at anyone flipping cards on the sidewalk. You'll be scarred for life!

The indoor gardens at the Bellagio are beautiful, and we had fun popping into the Coca Cola and M&M stores too. And take in a show if you can!

OH! And Trader Joe's FOR SURE!

Camille said...

AVOID - going during the summer, and the handouts!
DO - check out a buffet! ride the roller coaster on New York, New York (or on top of the Stratosphere if your stomach can handle it) and the water show in front of the Bellagio.

QueenScarlett said...

I'm with glittersmama on this one...also...try not to breathe. It stinks there.

Is the Beattles show still playing? I'd re-watch that if I was there.

TheOneTrueSue said...

What would I do if I were there?


But if you need to know if the hotel you book is in a zone where you will be murdered, email me. I know the score, what with living there for thirty plus years.

vanessa said...

We went there for our honeymoon. I am pretty sure we stayed, ate and did the worst things in vegas...and I don't mean that is a GOOD way! ;)

Logan said...

I'd say the entire city of Las Vegas is to be avoided (sorry, I really hate it there). But if you're going and wanna do something fun, go to a Cirque du Soleil show! Seriously, the only thing worthwhile about Vegas is Cirque. The shows are pretty expensive, but you can see Mystere at Treasure Island on the cheaper end of the price spectrum, just since it's been there for so long. It's great!

Steph said...

Since I consider myself to be the unofficial Utah tour guide of Vegas I will help you.

Any Cirque Show
Phantom at the Venetion
Shops at Ceasars
Tiffany's in the Bellagio
Bellagio Buffet
Arcade at New York New York
Lions at MGM
Fountain show at Bellagio

Get lost
Take any handouts from strangers. (trust me... just don't do it.)

We go a few time a year and even do it as a family. I actually have tons of suggestions so just lemme know if you need help planning.

Patti said...

Outlets on West Charleston . . . the ones near "old" downtown.

Bellagio gardens.
Olives for lunch (at Bellagio)
Mon Ami Gabi for lunch (at the Paris)
Forum Shops
Shops at the Venetian/Palazzo
Sephora (Venetian)
Spago for lunch (Caesars - BEST people watching place in the world)

Ditto re: the flyers on the sidewalk. Also avoid the gelato at Forum Shops. They don't list the prices - $16 for two cones? Whaaaa?

Kalli said...

My recommendation:

DON'T fill out a job application at the Crazy Horse.

I'm just sayin...

AVOID the bunny ranch, although I have heard they now have male prosty's, so I guess if you're interested...

and SHOW GIRLS are often topless and wearing glitter thongs, just an FYI