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Thursday, March 04, 2010

jolly ranchers + POST EDIT

I have things to say, Fair Blog Readers, yet for this day, I can't get the following out my mind (It's the kind of thing that makes me miss my seester; we could - and absolutely would - watch it fifty times in a row, crying from laughter):


Um, apparently switching from a to a dotcom means all the comments from previous posts get deleted.


I'm seriously SICK about this. Your comments are such a huge part of what makes this blog so awesome.

Man. I feel it sinking in. My arms hurt. I'm-a go drive for five hours, see if that helps. [insert sad sounds]


Emily said...

OMGosh! She is so funny! Have you seen the doorbell one she does? Hilarious! (You and I are such total friends!)

Kalli said...

beep beep

hey Jesus, I'm comin' to your house!

b. said...

Holy Crap!
I didn't see the post edit until AFTER I became


b. said...

Buh-Bye...beep, beep!

Carolyn said...

I didn't become a dot com and all my comments were deleted. What does that mean? That I should be a dot com? That my blog wants me to become a dot com? I thought there might have been a system thingy occur (as you can tell, I have zero computer knowledge).

lisa said...

The kids and I just laughed our heads off! We've watched the doorbell one fifty times!

Vern said...

I can't decide whether to respond on the loss of comments or the video. Is there a honk for that?

Brandie said...

I lost all my comments too when I transitioned over I was devastated. Hope the drive made you forget a little!

c-dub said...

OK, I am still screaming about the comment thing (a big long "no" in all caps and with way too many "o"s).