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Monday, March 15, 2010

vegas day 3

Saturday morning I woke up and, like my Regular Days, put on my workout clothes, grabbed a bottle of water, and headed for the gym -- in this case, the hotel's workout room, which had the coolest treadmills I've ever seen, what with their high-tech technology (a phrase I actually used on this trip). After a good run/jog and watching some of a movie I've never seen before which is about a dog and in which I bet you twenty bucks the dog dies at the end, I was pleased to see my three comrades already enjoying their breakfasts in the lobby. I had to wait for more eggs to be cooked, and when we four were satiated breakfast-wise, we prepared for the remainder of our day.

Regarding shopping during this trip, I had made myself a wee promise that I wouldn't purchase anything that could rightly be purchased at home, yet when we entered White House Black Market, which shop exists in My Main Mall At Home, I couldn't help but purchase a beautifully comfortable butterfly-winged shirt for myself. Bonus: On Sale. A few more shops, then we hurried back to the hotel and drove Tiffany and Azu'car to where they needed to make their tee time. While they were busy playing golf Sue & I went to a local Aveda spa, where she got a massage and I got my hair washed and straightened. Perfectly, we all finished around the same time. Back to the hotel to get ready for one last night out, which, for me, means eyeliner on the top AND lower lids.

We valet-ed (reals, someone tell me the correct past tense here) at The Mirage, which is the very place to which we'd return after dinner to see The Show.

I had wanted to go to Serendipity III to try their Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, so that's where we decided to go to dinner. I'm not gonna lie, the hostesses were disinterested, seemingly incompetent and borderline rude. During our wait for a table, Sue & I walked to the Bellagio so that I could see a proper, lit-by-night Fountain Show.

It was pretty neat, to be certain, though my pictures of it wouldn't tell any grand stories. It's like taking pictures of fireworks.

We got back to the restaurant and were seated. We placed a rush order on our meals (we were cutting it close, time-wise, for our show), and after our waiter left our table we basked in each others' company, like so:

Our shared dessert actually arrived first, and I took the first sip.

Review of the drink: Blended melted fudgesicle. Also, slimfast shake. I'll have to try one the next time I'm in NYC and see how it compares. And then order the $1,000 dessert (no, I'm not kidding).

The food was surprisingly tasty, and we wolfed it down in record time.

The Beatles Love. It was spectacular. Go see it. I'd see it again a hundred times, yes I would.

After the Cirque show, the thought occurred to me to just go back to the hotel, just let the beauty of that show be my last memories of the evening. But a sport and a trooper am I, and we went to one last club -- a dancing experience, if you will.

I should say here, perhaps as a reminder, that I do love to dance. Our first night included dancing to a live band, and it was so much fun. I like to dance to music. To songs. Not just to beats and scratches. I mean, I can appreciate a good deejay as much as the next, but that doesn't mean I want to dance to it. And Paul Oakenfold is a big deal in this realm, and, like I said, I'm up for it.

It just wasn't my thing.

I mean, the standing in line to wait to get in (we only had to wait 25 minutes) - to wait to be LET in by the guys with earpieces, picking and choosing at their pleasure who was to be let in (yes, just like In The Movies); and in the club, the guys in stilts dressed as transformers; the "trapeze girls" with their neon body paint and handing out shots and wriggling around on that trapeze (I had just seen Cirque, so . . .); the sensory-dulling beats and lack of music; the bartender who, though he gave me a free refill on my ginger ale, was still kind of a jerk . . . I let Sue know that I was ready to go, and she and I drove back to the hotel, leaving Tiffany and Azu'car to walk home. Just kidding, they took a cab.

Washed my face, ate some pomegranate seeds with a spoon for a snack, and went to bed.

I wanted one more day.

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Last Day/The Drive Home!


b. said...

Just wanted you to know...I am LOVING these recaps!

Emily said...

Seriously love your recap of your trip. What a fun weekend! And your new shirt is beautiful--you're one hot momma!

Shar said...

I'm loving your recaps as well!

2 of our 5 went to Serendipity 3 as well and the service was TERRIBLE! They said their server never showed back up with their check, so they left money on the table and bolted.

Your hair looks so pretty straight! Although I'm jealous of your curls.

~j. said...

ladies 3 - thank you for thanking me. It means a lot to get the feedback.

b. - wish you'll b. there next time, yesyouwill.

emily - Why, thank you! Coming from a hot mamma such as yourself, that means a lot!

Shar - Seriously, it was like high schoolers were running the place. And, thank you -- wish I could straighten my hair myself, but I feel like I need at least 4 more arms to get it done.

Mrs. O said...

Love the shirt and the recaps. You gals know how to part-ay, I'l admit I am a little bit green with envy. Spa! And food cooked by someone else. And high-tech technology treadmills. Awesome!

sue-donym said...

"you know, this isn't FREE, Im just doing you a favor"

See Mom Smile said...

Glad you had fun in my town! The Belagio fountains are the best free thing in Vegas. Have yet to take in Love. Serendipity in NYC kicks butt on the one in Vegas. It's all about the ambiance!

Carolyn said...

Hey, you are looking pretty hot with your hair and double eyeliner and new shirt! And we checked on your family for you while you were gone. They were all behaving wonderfully.

~j. said...

Mrs. O - You'll come with us next time, then, won't you?

Sue - "I'm a Transformer in Vegas! Honk."

Linda - I think I could watch those fountains all day. They're so beautiful and relaxing.

Carolyn - Thanks! I'm bummed I missed your visit. Thanks for stopping by!